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Purchasing Requests

To request the purchase of equipment or supplies, submit a Departmental Purchasing Request.

  • Please note that equipment over $500 must receive an inventory tag.  All equipment over $500 will be delivered to LAITS for setup and inventory tagging before being delivered to the department.  Inventoried equipment is property of the university, even if purchased with your own grant funds; you are required to return equipment to the department upon graduation or separation from the university.
  • You cannot be reimbursed for the purchase of computers, software, electronics, or office supplies.  These items must be purchased by the department on your behalf.  Please note that there is an extended delivery time for computers and printers.
  • Many purchases should be made by the department on your behalf, but occasionally it will be necessary for you to check out the departmental Procard to make a purchase. Do not write down or save the Procard information; you must check out the Procard for every individual purchase. If you use the Procard on a website, it is your responsibility to ensure that the website does not save the Procard in your account for future use.
  • If you check out the Procard to make a purchase, you are responsible for submitting the original receipt and for ensuring that sales tax is not charged on the purchase. If sales tax is charged, you will have to work with the vendor to get the tax refunded.