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ASL Minor

Beginning with the 2016-2018 catalog, the American Sign Language Program is pleased to announce a new transcriptable minor in ASL! 

The American Sign Language Minor will be available by admission only. Students need to demonstrate an appropriate level of fluency before applying to the minor. It is recommended that students meet with an ASL faculty member to gain insight on the minor program. Application may be submitted while being enrolled in ASL 610D though such applications will be reviewed toward the end of the semester.

Applications recieved are compiled each month and are all reviewed for decision at the end of every semester

Students who are accepted into the minor will be required to complete 21 semester credit hours, including the following or their equivalents if transfering hours*:


  • ASL 601D & ASL 610D – 12 hours
  • ASL 311D – 3 hours
  • Six hours of upper-division American Sign Language – 6 hours

Currently the Department of Linguistics regularly offers the following upper division ASL courses (vary by semester):

  • ASL 320: Advanced American Sign Language Conversation.
  • ASL 326 (= LIN 350): Signed Languages/Signing Communities. This is an intro to the linguistics of signed languages and is taught in English (or in ASL with an interpreter providing English translation).
  • ASL 350: May be repeated for credit when the topics vary.
  • ASL 357: Undergraduate research experience for working in the UT Signed Language Research Lab.

Other upper division ASL courses not listed above will count towards the minor.
For more detailed explanations of upper division ASL courses, visit our Courses page.

*Transfer credit hours may need to be petitioned in order to satisfy the total hour requirements for this minor.

What are the steps for declaring an ASL Minor?

  • Apply online for the minor - We advise that the student inform their major advisor of their intent to apply. The online application may be submitted by the student or student’s major advisor.
  • Complete the ASL Program application. After the online application is submitted, the Department of Linguistics will receive notification. If a student is successfully approved for the ASL minor program, the student's home college or major advisor will attach the approved minor to the student's degree profile.

Questions about the ASL minor should to the Linguistics Department by email,