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Global Middle Ages

In Spring 2004, the Medieval Studies program introduced new collaborative, team-taught, interdisciplinary graduate seminars. These seminars are of two kinds. To bring medieval studies into an ever more complex, interdependent, and internationalized twenty-first century, we will teach an interconnected medieval world—a "global" Middle Ages—and the interrelationship of culture, ideas, technologies, religions, and movements across periods of time and geography. To teach the interconnected relationship of culture in its many forms—literature, music, art, cartography, politics, law, etc—team-taught seminars across disciplines will also be introduced in thematically organized units. One result of this course was the eventual creation of the Global Middle Ages website, a portal to several related projects now underway.

One goal of the new seminars is to inculcate practices of thinking across periods, cultures, territories, and disciplines, even as medieval studies at the University of Texas continues to emphasize the importance of intensive training in disciplinary knowledges and practices. Course descriptions and information on public lectures and visiting faculty associated with the new seminars will be posted on this website.