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Medieval Studies

Minor in Medieval Studies

Coming in Fall 2018!

We expect out long-awaited undergraduate minor in Medieval Studies to be approved in time to take effect this coming fall semester.  Students who have completed the requirements for the minor will have this achievement recognized on their official university transcript.

The minor is designed so that students will gain a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of the history and culture of the medieval world, learn to analyze the texts and artifacts needed to study medieval cultures, and recognize both the continuities and the differences between medieval societies and the contemporary world.


15 semester credit hours, including 9 upper-division hours and 8 hours in residence consisting of:

  • 3 hours of course work in Literary Approaches to the Middle Ages, chosen from the list below
  • 3 hours of course work in Historical Approaches to the Middle Ages, chosen from the list below
  • 9 additional hours, chosen from either list below

Applicable courses (please note that not all of these are offered every semester)

Literary Approaches to the Middle Ages

E 326K, Survey of Medieval Literature
E 326L, Survey of Middle English Language and Literature
E 336D, Dante
E 336E, British Survey: Beginnings to the Renaissance
E 344C, Arthurian Literature and Film
E 349S, Topic 18: Chaucer and Shakespeare
E 350E, Topic 1: Epics and Influences
E 358J, The Bible as Literature
E 360, Topic 3: Envisioning Muslims
E 360, Topic 5: Race in the Middle Ages
E 361K, Early English Drama to 1630
E 364M, History of the English Language
E 364P, Old English
E 374G, Beowulf
E 376, Chaucer
E 379R, Topic 2: Fiction and Medievalism
GSD 340, Vikings and their Literature
GSD 340E, Topic 1: Germanic Religion and Myth
GSD 361, Medieval Women Mystics
ITC 349, Topic 2: Dante
ITC 349, Topic 6: Boccaccio’s Decameron
SPN 357, Topic 2: Cultures in Contact in Medieval Spain

Historical Approaches to the Middle Ages

ARC 362R, Topics in the Art of Late Antiquity
ARH 328J, Arts of Islam 650-1500
ARH 329J, Byzantine Art
ARH 329K, Early Medieval Art
ARH 329N, Art and Architecture of Late Antiquity
ARH 329P, Medieval Italy
ARH 329R, Romanesque Art
ARH 330G, Art of the Gothic Courts
ARH 330J, Amiens Cathedral
ARH 331K, Early Renaissance Art to 1450
ARH 332K, Northern Renaissance Art, 1350-1500
ARH 363, Topics in Medieval Art
HIS 306, Topic 10: Jewish Civilization, Beginnings to 1492
HIS 306K, Introduction to the Middle East: Religious, Historical and Cultural Foundations (6th-14th centuries)
HIS 309K, Western Civilization in Medieval Times
HIS 343G, The Italian Renaissance
HIS 344G, The Twelfth-Century Renaissance
HIS 346D, Medieval India
HIS 350L, Topic 33: Heresy and the Inquisition
HIS 350L, Topic 34: Medieval Islam
HIS 350L, Topic 54: Epics and Heroes in India
HIS 350L, Topic 74: Mystics, Visionaries, and Heretics in Medieval Europe
HIS 350L, Topic 89: Creation
HIS 362G, Topic 12: Heretics and Freedom Fighters 1350-1650
HIS 362G, Topic 14: The Church and the Jews
HIS 375D Islamic Spain and North Africa to 1492
MUS 379, Topic 3: Singing Chant
PHIL 349, History of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy