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By the time students have earned degrees from Middle Eastern Studies, they will have acquired a firm grounding in the current theory and practice of their specific discipline and often in one or more national tradition. They will have conducted research in a specific area of Middle Eastern Studies, such as history, film studies, comparative literature, Ancient Near East, Islamic Studies, etc, research that will prepare them to contribute their expertise to a wide range of fields in the public and private sectors. Please see our job placement pages for detailed placement data. 

  • 2019

    Department of Middle Eastern Studies - M.A. & Ph.D.

    Claire Sloan Cooley (Ph.D., Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
    Dissertation: Sonic Stardom: Gender, Nation, and Sound Media Technologies in Al-Hind, 1900s-1960s
    Supervisor: Blake Atwood 


    Paul Edgar (Ph.D., Ancient Near East/Hebrew Bible)
    Dissertation: Clever Among the Strong: Small Powers in War and Peace, 1595-1340 BCE
    Supervisors: Jeremi Suri and John Huehnergard


    Laura Fish (Ph.D., Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
    Dissertation: Arisen From the Grave: Collecting and Distributing Mid-Century Iranian Popular Cinema
    Supervisors: Blake Atwood and Caroline Frick
    Seerwan Hariry (Ph.D., Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
    Dissertation: Arabic Novels by Kurdish Authors: Reconfiguring the Rise and Fall of the Muslim Republic of Letters
    Supervisor: Karen Grumberg
    Sigrid Kjaer (Ph.D., Hebrew Bible / Ancient Near East)
    Dissertation: Monotheism, Kingship, and Religious Transformation in Late Antique Yemen: The Rise and Fall of Joseph Du Nuwas
    Supervisors: John Huehnergard and Azfar Moin


    Tracey Maher (Ph.D., Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
    Dissertation: Imagining Diaspora: Arabic Novels from Early Twentieth Century Latin America  
    Supervisors: Kristen Brustad and Elizabeth Richmond-Garza


    Navdeep Kaur Sokhey (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics)
    Dissertation: Vowel-Rounding in Bahrain: An Interactional Study on Accommodation Based on Perceived Interlocutor Identity   
    Supervisor: Kristen Brustad
    Jack Weinbender (Ph.D., Hebrew Bible / Ancient Near East)
    Dissertation: Remembering and Rewriting: Reframing Rewritten Bible Through Memory Studies  
    Supervisor: Jonathan Kaplan 

    Center for Middle Eastern Studies - M.A.

    Amy Broome (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Reimagining Linguistic Landscape: Online Discourses of Israeli Human Rights Organizations
    Supervisors: Mohammad Mohammad and Elizabeth Keating


    Patrick Harned (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.GPS., Global Policy Studies)
    Thesis: Democratic Confederalism: A Radical Model for Political Emancipation in Northern Syria
    Supervisors: Zoltan Barany and Lorinc Redei


    Arkan Kazal (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Shock and Awe: The U.S. Led Invasion and the Struggle of Iraq's Non-Muslim Minorities
    Supervisors: Kamran Aghaie and Faegheh Shirazi


    Yassir Ibrahim Mohammed (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Gender Biased Interpretation of the Quran: Contextualizing Q 4:5 and the sufahā’ 
    Supervisors: Hina Azam and Faegheh Shirazi


    Robyn Morse (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Qābūs’ Modern Sultanate of Oman: Citizenship, Foreign Policy, and Religious Institutions in the 1970s
    Supervisors: Kamran Aghaie and Samy Ayoub


    Blake Pye (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Tahqiq, Human Perfection, and Sovereignty: Ibn al-'Arabi and Early-Modern Islamic Empire
    Supervisors: Azfar Moin and Denise Spellberg


    Emily Scott (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Israeli-Arab Authors Claiming Hebrew Identity: The Case of Anton Shammas and Sayed Kashua 
    Supervisors: Karen Grumberg and Ahmad Agbaria


    Garrett Shuffield (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.GPS., Global Policy Studies)
    Thesis: A New Generation “Returns”: Fracture, Disorientation, and Tragedy in Lina Meruane’s Volverse Palestina and Rabai al-Madhoun’s Maṣā’ir
    Supervisors: Karen Grumberg and Jeremi Suri
  • 2018

    Department of Middle Eastern Studies - M.A. & Ph.D.

    Mahmood Al Fkaiki (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics)
    Dissertation: Interactions of Negation and Other Categories in Varieties of Arabic
    Supervisor: Mohammad Mohammad
    Niaz Aziz (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics)
    Dissertation: Impoliteness in Iraqi Arabic
    Supervisor: Mohammad Mohammad


    Sarah Baker (Ph.D., Hebrew Bible/Ancient Near East )
    Dissertation: The Suffering Psalmist: Liminality, Lament, and the Religious Community
    Supervisor: Jo Ann Hackett and Na'ama Pat-El


    Shehnaz Haqqani (Ph.D., Islamic Studies)
    Dissertation: Islamic Tradition, Change, and Feminism: The Gendered Non-Negotiable
    Supervisor: Hina Azam


    Juan Pinto (M.A., Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
    Thesis: Creating a Frequency Dictionary of Spoken Hebrew: A Reproducible Use of Technology to Overcome Scarcity of Data 
    Supervisor: Esther Raizen


    Josh Sears (Ph.D., Hebrew Bible/Ancient Near East)
    Dissertation: "An Ancestral Custom Of Ours": Second Temple Interpretations Of Polygyny In Biblical Narrative
    Supervisor: Jo Ann Hackett


    Michael Turner (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics)
    Dissertation: Definiteness in Arabic Dialects
    Supervisor: Kirsten Brustad


    Daniel Wang (Ph.D., Hebrew Bible/Ancient Near East)
    Dissertation: Circumcision As A Kinship Ritual In Ancient Israel
    Supervisor: Jonathan Kaplan

    Center for Middle Eastern Studies - M.A.

    Casey Boyles (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Power Consolidation in Turkey: Erdogan's End Goal 
    Supervisor: Jason Brownlee


    Evan Burt (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.GPS., Global Policy Studies)
    Thesis: The Jasmine Revolution: Causes in Synthesis     
    Supervisor: Jeremi Suri


    Courtney Diranieh (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: The Role of Multilingualism  and Environmental  Influences on Identity Perceptions among University Students of Part-Arab and Part-Non Arab Ethnicities
    Supervisor: Mohammad Mohammad


    Adam Crawford (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.GPS., Global Policy Studies)
    Thesis:  Rethinking US Religious Freedom Policy in the Middle East & North Africa: Responding to Assertive Secularisms and the Rise of Islamism
    Supervisor: Jeremi Suri


    Amber Howard (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Between Us Bread and Salt: Battiri Cuisine and Al-Unah
    Supervisor: Blake Atwood


    Amanda Jarvis (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Brothers on The Periphery: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez 
    Supervisors: Kamran Aghaie and Michael Hillmann


    Aleksandr Krylov (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: The GCC Joint Regional Security Effort: Utopia or Possibility?     
    Supervisor: Zoltan Barany


    Catherine Malek (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.A., Journalism)
    Report: Who Speaks for the Middle East: A New Generation of Journalists is Challenging the Way Their Region is Covered  
    Supervisor: Blake Atwood and Tracy Shelby


    Tori Pell (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Implementing Ideologies: Examining the Local Women's Movement in Jordan (2015-2018)  
    Supervisor: Hina Azam


    Annika Rettstadt (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.GPS., Global Policy Studies)
    Thesis: The Islamic State in Europe: Shifts, Trends, and Projections 
    Supervisor: Jeremi Suri and Paul Pope


    Darya Rudych (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: OPEC'S Successful Failure: The Analysis of OPEC'S Political Decline in the Late 1970s       Supervisor: Jeremi Suri and Kamran Aghaie


    Paul Ryan (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.GPS., Global Policy Studies)
    Thesis: The Role of Religion, The Ikhwan And Ibn Saud in the Creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   Supervisor: Jeremi Suri


    Bryan Sitzes (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Doctoral student in MELC
    Thesis: Alienating Iranians from their Environment: Irrigation, Flood Control, and Public Health in Late Pahlavi Khuzestan   
    Supervisor: Kamran Aghaie


    Nicholas Teale (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Understanding Maritime  Conflicts between Turkey and Russia: Merits, Limitations, and Alternatives to Realism
    Supervisor: Zoltan Barany and Samy Ayoub


    Leena Warsi (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.GPS., Global Policy Studies)
    Report: Memories of a New Word Order: A study of Egypt's Participation at the Bandung Conference of 1955 
    Supervisor: W.R. Louis


    Zuli Yasen (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.GPS., Global Policy Studies)
    Thesis:  China's Energy Policy in the Arab World
    Supervisor: Jeremi Suri 
  • 2017

    Department of Middle Eastern Studies - M.A. & Ph.D.

    Lameese Ahmad (M.A., Arabic Linguistics)
    Thesis: The Development of Interlanguage in the Written Production of Arabic Foreign Language Learners 
    Supervisor: Mahmoud Al-Batal


    Mona Alshihry (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics)
    Dissertation: Durative Aspect Markers in Modern Arabic Dialects: Cross-Dialectal Functions and Historical Development
    Supervisor: Kristen Brustad


    Rachel Green (Ph.D., Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
    Dissertation: Toward an Ethics of Intersubjectivity: Affective Textures of Empathy in Modern Arabic and Hebrew Literature and Film
    Supervisor: Karen Grumberg


    Benjamin Kantor (Ph.D., Hebrew Bible/Ancient Near East)
    Dissertation: The Second Column (Secunda) of Origen's Hexapla in Light of Greek Pronunciation
    Supervisor: Na'ama Pat-El and John Huehnergard


    Jason Schroepfer (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics)
    Dissertation: Aswan Arabic: Negotiating Identity in a Provincial Capital 
    Supervisor: Kristen Brustad


    Sarah Schwartz (M.A., Arabic Linguistics). Doctoral student in MELC
    Thesis: Repping the Streets, Repping the Hometown: A Sociophonetic Analysis of Dialectical Variation in the Moroccan Hip Hop Community 
    Supervisor: Kristen Brustad


    Phillip Weston Stokes (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics)
    Dissertation: The Historical Grammar of Case in Arabic
    Supervisor: Kristen Brustad


    Rawad Wehbe (MA, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
    Thesis: Fever Dreams: Narrative (De)structuring in Arabic Literature 
    Supervisor: Tarek El-Ariss

    Center for Middle Eastern Studies - M.A.

    Agaate Anston (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Transformations of the Contemporary Mystic Discourse in Iran 
    Supervisor: Kamran Aghaie


    Mitchell Alan Bacci (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Doctoral student in History, Harvard University
    Report: Smugglers and State-Builders: Opiate Trafficking and Institutional Development in Interwar Egypt and Turkey 
    Supervisor: Tarek El-Ariss


    Samuel Ross Belcher (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Hostile Relations: Representing Arabs and Muslims in Historically Based War Films  
    Supervisor: Blake Atwood


    Javid Riahi (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: The Power of Food: Negotiating Health and Identity in Tehrangeles 
    Supervisor: Sofian Merabet


    Caitlin Sale (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Marriage in Iranian Cinema: A Metaphorical Platform for the Discussion of Women's Rights in Post-Revolutionary Iran 
    Supervisor:  Blake Atwood


    Angela Tripp (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  The Sacrifice of Saying No: Dyanimcs of Conscientious Objection, Liberalism, and Sacrifice in Israel
    Supervisor:  Karen Grumberg


    David Wood (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis: Brothers in Arms? Military Economic Entitlements and Public Quiescence in Modern Egypt
    Supervisor:  Jason Brownlee
  • 2016

    Department of Middle Eastern Studies - M.A. & Ph.D.

    Dena Afrasiabi (Ph.D., Persian literature and Applied Linguistics)
    Dissertation:  Come, Let's Wrestle:  Language and the Struggle for Authority in Online Persian Social Networking Sites
    Supervisor:  Blake Atwood


    Bruce Boville (M.A., Islamic Studies). Doctoral student in MELC
    Thesis:  Themes and Concerns of the Saudi Board of Senior Scholars
    Supervisor:  Hina Azam


    Kevin Butts (M.A., Arabic Linguistics). 
    Thesis:  Excavating a Linguistic Category:  On the Properties of Ism Al-Fi'l and the Limits of Kalam Al-Arab
    Supervisor:  Kristen Brustad


    Matthew Chovanec (M.A., Arabic & Turkish Literature). Doctoral student in MELC
    Thesis:  Bereketli Topraklar Uzerinde:  Dialogic Speech as Subaltern Insurgency
    Supervisor:  Jeannette Okur and Kristen Brustad


    Priscilla Cunha (M.A., Arabic Language Pedagogy/Applied Linguistics). Arabic Teacher at Austin Independent School District
    Thesis:  An Approach to Classifying Listening Strategies for Use in Arabic as a Foreign Language Classroom
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal


    Ryan Davis (Ph.D., Hebrew Bible/Ancient Near East)
    Dissertation:  Relating With Gods:  Investigating Human-Divine Relationships in the Prayers of Israel and Mesopotamia Using a Performance Approach to Ritual
    Supervisor:  John Huehnergard


    Anna Ziajka Stanton (Ph.D., Arabic literature)
    Dissertation:  From a Labor of Love to Gulf Labor:  The Ethics of Translating Arabic Literature in a Global Age
    Supervisor:  Tarek El-Ariss
    Aren Max Wilson-Wright (Ph.D., Hebrew Bible/Ancient Near East)
    Dissertation: Athtart: The Transmission and Transformation of a Goddess in the Late Bronze Age
    Supervisor:  Na'ama Pat-El and Jo Ann Hackett

    Center for Middle Eastern Studies - M.A.

    Camille Bossut (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  Arabization in Algeria:  Language Ideology in Elite Discourse, 1962-1991
    Supervisor:  Benjamin Brower


    Norah Elamir (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  The Theological Concept of 'Isma From Early to Modern Period of Islam
    Supervisor:  Denise Spellberg


    Reem Harb (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  Muta' Safadi and the Generation of Fate:  A Study of an Arab Existentialist
    Supervisor:  Yoav Di-Capua


    Jeanne Canan Kaba (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  The Political Dimension of Nuclear Energy:  Analysis of Discourse on the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, 2010-2015
    Supervisor:  Kamran Aghaie


    Saffiya Latif (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Doctoral student in Religious Studies, Boston University
    Thesis:  She was a Pious Devotee:  Piety, Authority, and Women in Medieval Islam
    Supervisor:  Hina Azam
    Joseph Leidy (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Doctoral student in History, Brown, University
    Thesis:  Antun Saadeh in the Mahjar, 1938-1947
    Supervisor:  Yoav Di-Capua
    Kate Maddox (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Doctoral student in Anthropology, UT Austin
    Thesis:  Archiving the Present in Beirut's Southern Suburb:  Memory, History, and Power at Umam Documentation and Research
    Supervisor:  Sofian Merabet
  • 2015

    Department of Middle Eastern Studies - M.A. & Ph.D.

    Reema Barakat (M.A., Arabic Language Pedagogy/Applied Linguistics). Lecturer of Arabic, the University of Texas at Austin
    Thesis:  The Resurrection of the Caliphate in ISIS' Discourse
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal


    Claire Cooley (M.A., Arabic/Persian Literature & Cinema). Doctoral Student in MELC
    Thesis:  The Citizen Viewer:  Questioning the Democratic Authority of the Camera Phone Image
    Supervisor:  Blake Atwood
    Anthony Edwards (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics). Lecturer of Arabic, Washington & Lee University
    Dissertation:  Performing Arabic at the Learned Societies of Beirut, 1846-1869
    Supervisors:  Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal


    Mahyar Entezari (Ph.D., Persian). Lecturer of Persian. University of Pennsylvania
    Dissertation:  The Other Self:  Representations of Afghans in Iranian Cinema
    Supervisor:  M.R. Ghanoonparvar, Kamran Aghaie
    Valerie Montes (M.A., Arabic). Media Analyst, TechOp Solutions
    Thesis:  Urban Mediterranean Dialects of Arabic:  Tangier and Tunis
    Supervisor:  Kristen Brustad


    Jung Min Seo (Ph.D., Arabic) 
    Dissertation:  Towards Integrating Culture into the Arabic Curriculum: Arabic Teachers' Reliefs Related to the Teaching of Culture
    Supervisor:  Esther Raizen


    Navdeep Sokhey (M.A., Arabic). Doctoral Student in MELC
    Thesis:  The Women (and Men) Who Speak Funny: Negotiating Social Meanings Through Palatalization of the Cairene Nasal
    Supervisor:  Kristen Brustad


    Philip Zhakevich (Ph.D., Hebrew Bible/Ancient Near East). Lecturer of Modern Hebrew, Princeton University
    Dissertation:  The Tools of an Israelite Scribe:  A Semantic Study of Terms Signifying the Tools and Materials of Writing in Biblical Hebrew
    Supervisor:  John Huehnergard


    Emilie Zuniga (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics). Visiting Professor of Arabic, Brigham Young University
    Dissertation:  An Instrumental Study of Pausal Vowels in Il-Gilli Arabic (Southern Turkey)
    Supervisor:  Kristen Brustad

    Center for Middle Eastern Studies - M.A.

    Tarek Benchouia (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Doctoral Student in Performance Studies. Northwestern University
    Thesis:  Festivals:  The Culture and Politics of Mahraganat Music in Egypt
    Supervisor:  Tarek El-Ariss


    Weston Bland (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  Communal Competitiveness in Transition:  Coptic Politics 1943-1955
    Supervisor:  Yoav Di-Capua


    Willis Cumming (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Report:  Azharite Clerics in Egypt:  Protection of their Professional Religious Role in a Changing and Political Environment, 1805-1968
    Supervisor:  Yoav Di-Capua


    Steven Damiano (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.GPS., Global Policy Studies)
    Report:  How Iran Could Democratize
    Supervisor:  Faegheh Shirazi


    Gayle Fischer (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.S.I.S., Information Studies)
    Thesis:  Digital Middle Eastern Studies:  Challenges, Ethics, and the Digital Humanities
    Supervisor:  Karin Wilkins


    Anna Gibson (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Federal Government.
    Thesis:  Should Old Acquaintance (Not) Be Forgot:  United States' Policies and Actions in Iraq and their Effects on the Lasting Presence of Iraqi Shi'i Militias (2003-2011)
    Supervisor:  Kamran Aghaie


    John Gloer (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Graduate student in Finance at McCombs School of Business, UT Austin
    Thesis:  Ninth-Century Abbasid Depictions of Jahiliyya Arabness
    Supervisor:  Karin Wilkins


    Patrick Higgins (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Report:  Divine Victory:  Uses of the 2006 War in Hezbollah Muqawama Rhetoric
    Supervisor:  Yoav Di-Capua
    Kelly Houck (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Doctoral Student, UT Austin, MELC Program
    Thesis:  Children in Post-Revolutionary Iranian Cinema:  Visions of the Future
    Supervisor:  Blake Atwood


    Jennifer Hunt (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  "I Died, Still Waiting on the Truth":  Self-Identification and Communicating Personal Ethics in the Documentaries of Exiled Iranian Female Filmmakers
    Supervisor:  Blake Atwood


    Paige Ingram (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; Dual-Language Track in Arabic and Persian). Staff at the Center for Survivors of Torture
    Thesis:  Trials of Identity:  Investigating Al-Jahiz and the Zanj in Modern Pro-Black Discourse
    Supervisor:  Denise Spellberg


    Philip Issa (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Reporter, Daily Star Newspaper, Beirut
    Thesis:  Abu Maher Al Yamani and the Unheralded Palestinian Leadership in 1950s Lebanon
    Supervisor:  Yoav Di-Capua


    Sarah Kaiser-Cross (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.GPS., Global Policy Studies; Dual-Language Track in Arabic & Hebrew). Senior Project Manager at ACLED
    Report:  The GCC Pivot to Asia:  The Security of US Interests in the Arabian Gulf
    Supervisor:  Jeremi Suri


    Elliot Klosterman (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Intelligence Analyst, US Department of State
    Thesis:  History of Baathist Regime Resilience in Syria from 1970 to 2014
    Supervisor:  Zoltan Barany


    Matthew Martin (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  Conflict Politics Surrounding the Advent of ISIS: An Iranian Media Perspective
    Supervisor:  Faegheh Shirazi


    Laura Partain (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Doctoral Student, Indiana University, Media Studies
    Thesis:  Resistance is No Longer Futile:  Women's Rights in Lebanon
    Supervisor:  Blake Atwood
    David Petit (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.GPS., Global Policy Studies)
    Report:  Eschatology in the ISIS Narrative
    Supervisor:  Azfar Moin


    Melissa Smyth (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Associate Editor, Warscapes
    Report:  Abu Ghraib and the Activation of Complicity:  Deconstructing the Frame
    Supervisor:  Karin Wilkins
    James Stewart (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; Dual-Language Track in Arabic & Hebrew). Graduate student in Accounting at McCombs School of Business, UT Austin
    Thesis:  Impartial Allies:  American Policy in Palestine During the Truman Administration
    Supervisor:  Jeremi Suri
  • 2014

    Department of Middle Eastern Studies - M.A. & Ph.D.

    Shaylyn Carey (M.A., Arabic). Resident Assistant, CET Academic Programs:  Amman, Jordan
    Thesis:  Behind the Linguistic Landscape of Israel/Palestine:  Exploring the Visual Implications of Expansionist Policies
    Supervisor:  Kristen Brustad


    Ryan Fan (M.A., Arabic Linguistics). Doctoral student in MELC.
    Thesis:  Verb Agreement, Negation, and Aspectual Marking in Egyptian Sign Language
    Supervisors:  Richard Meier, Kristen Brustad
    Kate Goodin (M.A., Arabic Literature). Doctoral student in MELC.
    Report:  Translation Theory and Practice in the 'Abbasid Era
    Supervisor:  Tarek El-Ariss
    Uri Kolodney (M.A., Hebrew Literature). Judaica & Hebraica Bibliographer. UT Austin Libraries
    Thesis:  A Different War, A Different Sex:  Gay Identity Politics in Israeli Cinema and Its Relation to the Zionist Ethos
    Supervisor:  Karen Grumberg


    Katie Martins (M.A., Arabic Linguistics)
    Thesis:  Vowel Terminology as a Method for Dating Early Arabic Grammatical Texts: A Case Study of Kitab Al-Jumal Fi L-Nahw
    Supervisor:  Kristen Brustad


    Michael Mendoza (M.A., Arabic Linguistics). Lecturer of Arabic at UT Austin, Department of Middle Eastern Studies.
    Thesis:  Recurring Themes in Gulf Arabic Dramatic Television
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal


    Muna Rehman (M.A., Arabic Language Pedagogy/Applied Linguistics). Lecturer of Arabic at the University of Oklahoma, Norman
    Thesis:  Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence in the Arabic Curriculum: A Survey of Learners at the Beginner Level
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal


    Thomas Sowards (M.A., Hebrew Bible, Ancient Near East)
    Report:  Deuteronomy 25:5-10:  A Rite for the Living of the Dead?
    Supervisor:  Jo Ann Hackett
    Julie Yelle (M.A., Arabic Linguistics). Critical Language Scholarship Resident Director, American Councils for International Education
    Thesis:  The Role of Language in Constructing Palestinian Collective Memory
    Supervisor:  Kristen Brustad

    Center for Middle Eastern Studies - M.A.

    Adam Cameron (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  Armenian Iranian Identities in the Institutional Home Visit:  A Case Study
    Supervisor:  Blake Atwood


    Ian Gillen (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  Conviction:  The Policy Impact of L. Paul Bremer
    Supervisors:  Kamran Aghaie and Jeremi Suri


    Clay Hardwick (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Foreign Area Officer.
    Report:  Strategic Drift in Military-to-Military Relationships and its Effect on U.S. Foreign Policy
    Supervisor:  Kamran Aghaie


    Emily Hawthorne (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Regional Director, Dubai. The Prospect Group.
    Thesis:  Chains of Trust: Halal Certification in the United States
    Supervisor:  Faegheh Shirazi
    Alex McLelland (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Report:  Emergency Cinema in Syria:  (Re)Envisioning Documentary-As-Witness
    Supervisor:  Blake Atwood
    Leah Miller (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Analyst, Numu Consulting (Tunisia)
    Report:  The Polisario Front and the World:  Leveraging International Support for Sahrawi Self-Determination
    Supervisor:  Kamran Aghaie


    Allison Minor (M.A./M.GPS., MES and Global Policy Studies). International Development Fellow at Catholic Relief Services (Lebanon). Program Manager for Arab Aid Tracking.
    Thesis:  Faith in Finance:  The Role of Zakat in International Development
    Supervisor:  Karin Wilkins (with Catherine Weaver, co-supervisor)


    Megan Pritchard (M.A./M.GPS., MES and Global Policy Studies). Federal Government
    Report:  Formal Systems and Informal Networks:  Iranian Power Politics in Principle and Practice
    Co-Supervisors:  Jeremi Suri and William Inboden


    Robin Richards (M.A./M.GPS., Middle Eastern Studies and Global Policy Studies dual-degree). Compliance Analyst, Emerging Technology Fund, State of Texas Governor's Office.
    Report:  Terrorism in the Sinai
    Supervisor:  Jeremi Suri (with Jason Brownlee, co-supervisor)


    Amy Stoller (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  True Citizens of Bahrain:  Discourse on Bahraini Identity Since the Arab Spring
    Supervisor:  Kamran Aghaie


    Lauren Williams (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies) 
    Thesis:  Another Other:  Redefining Feminism on Al-Jazeera
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal
  • 2013

    Department of Middle Eastern Studies - M.A. & Ph.D.

    Christine Baker (Ph.D., Arabic, History). Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern History, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    Dissertation:  Challenging the Shi'i Century: The Fatmids (909-1171) Buyids (945-1055), and the Creation of a Sectarian Narrative of Medieval Islamic History
    Supervisor:  Denise Spellberg
    Kevin Burnham (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics). Assistant Professor of Arabic, Appalachian State University
    Dissertation:  Phonetic Training for Learners of Arabic
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal


    Joanna Caravita (Ph.D., Hebrew, Arabic). Lecturer of Modern Hebrew, Smith and Mount Holyoke Colleges
    Dissertation:  Identity and Anxiety in Teachers of Arabic and Hebrew: The Native vs. Non-native Speaker Question
    Supervisor:  Esther Raizen
    Rachel Green (M.A., Hebrew/Arabic Literature). Doctoral Student in MELC, UT Austin
    Thesis:  Towards a Poetics of the Black Hole: Trauma, Memory and Language in Samir Naqqash's Shlomo Al-Kurdi, Myself and Time
    Supervisors:  Tarek El-Ariss and Karen Grumberg
    Shehnaz Haqqani (M.A., Islamic Studies). Doctoral Student in MELC, UT Austin
    Thesis:  Gendered Expectations, Personal Choice, and Social Compatibility in Western Muslim Marriages
    Supervisor:  Hina Azam


    Alan "Bud" Kauffman (M.A., Arabic Linguistics). Visiting Assistant Professor, Denison University
    Thesis:  Grammar Sequencing in the Communicative Arabic Classroom: Students' Written Production
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal


    Nastaran Kherad (Ph.D., Persian Literature). Assistant Professor of Persian, Qatar Academy
    Dissertation:  Re-examing the works of Ahmad Mahmud: A Fictional Depiction of the Iranian Nation in the Second Half of the 20th Century
    Supervisor:  Mohammad Ghanoonparvar
    Somy Kim (Ph.D., Persian, Comparative Literature). Lecturer of Middle Eastern Literature and Cinema, Boston University Writing Program
    Dissertation:  Mapping Dystopia in Ebrahim Golestan's Mud Brick and Mirror
    Supervisor:  Mohammad Ghanoonparvar


    Summer Loomis (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics). Assistant Professor of Arabic, George Washington University
    Dissertation:  "Advanced" Arabic: Investigating Learners' Lexical Richness in the Context of an Oral Interview
    Supervisor:  Esther Raizen, Kristen Brustad


    Alexander Magidow (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics). Assistant Professor of Arabic, University of Rhode Island
    Dissertation:  Towards a Sociohistorical Reconstruction of Pre-Islamic Arabic Dialect Diversity
    Supervisors:  Kristen Brustad and Patience Epps


    Melanie Magidow (Ph.D., Arabic Literature). Lecturer of Arabic, University of Rhode Island
    Dissertation:  Multicultural Solidarity: Performances of Malhun Poetry in Morocco
    Supervisor:  Samer Ali


    Drew Paul (Ph.D., Arabic/Hebrew Literature). Assistant Professor of Arabic, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Dissertation:  Border Fiction:  Fracture and Contestation in Post-Oslo Palestinian Culture
    Supervisor:  Tarek El-Ariss


    Jason Schropefer (M.A., Arabic Linguistics). Doctoral Student in MELC, UT Austin
    Dissertation:  Rihla Lughawiya Fi Il-Lahajat Il-Sa'idiya: A Phonological Description of Stop Variant in Upper Egyptian Arabic
    Supervisor:  Kristen Brustad


    Johanna Sellmann (Ph.D., Arabic, Comparative Literature). Faculty Librarian of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Ohio State University
    Dissertation:  The Biopolitics of Belonging: Europe in Post-Cold War Arabic Literature of Migration
    Supervisor:  Tarek El-Ariss

    Center for Middle Eastern Studies - M.A.

    Valerie Atwood (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  The Baghdad Railway
    Supervisor:  William Roger Louis


    Daryl Carr (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies, Dual-Language Track in Arabic/Turkish). Doctoral Student in Sociology at Boston University
    Thesis:  The Syrian Conflict in Lebanese Media
    Supervisor:  Karin Wilkins


    Hope Collins (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  Linkage and the Case of Political Deliberalization in Morocco
    Supervisor:  Jason Brownlee


    Stephanye Hunter (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    Thesis:  Yemeni Jewish Identity in the Writing of Simha Zaramati Asta
    Supervisor:  Karen Grumberg
  • 2012

    Department of Middle Eastern Studies - M.A. & Ph.D.

    Kristine Anderson (M.A., Arabic Linguistics). Research Assistant, Brookings Institution (Project on US Relations with the Islamic World)
    Thesis:  Sexual Harassment Discourse in Egypt:  A Sociolinguistic Analysis
    Supervisor:  Kristen Brustad


    Andrey Bredstein (Ph.D., Hebrew Literature). Instructor of Yiddish Language, Literature and Culture, Emory University
    Dissertation:  Uri-Nisn Gnesin:  Between the Worlds, Belonging to Both
    Supervisor:  Karen Grumberg


    Greg Ebner (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics). Arabic instructor and Deputy Department Head, U.S. Military Academy (West Point)
    Dissertation:  Enhancing the Capabilities of Arabic Learners:  Language Learning Strategies in the Arabic Classroom
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal


    Michael Fares (M.A., Arabic Linguistics). Lecturer of Arabic, University of Houston
    Thesis:  Letters from the Goodwill Brothers of Basra:  A Medieval Islamic Message of Tolerance and Pluralism
    Supervisor:  Samer Ali


    Kaley Keener (M.A., Arabic Literature). Teaching Fellow in Arabic, Franklin & Marshall College
    Thesis:  Ibn Hamids and the Poetry of Nostalgia: A Rhetoric of Collective Memory
    Supervisor:  Samer Ali


    Martin Isleem (Ph.D., Arabic Linguistics). Assistant Professor of Arabic, Bucknell University
    Dissertation:  Language Attitude and Change Among the Druze in Israel
    Supervisor:  Kristen Brustad


    Cory Jorgensen (Ph.D., Arabic Literature). Assistant Professor of Arabic, George Washington University
    Dissertation:  Jarir and al-Farazdaq's Naqa'id Performance as Social Commentary
    Supervisor:  Samer Ali


    Benjamin Koerber (Ph.D., Arabic Literature). Assistant Professor of Arabic, Rutgers University
    Dissertation:  The Aesthetics and Politics of Rumor:  The Making of Egyptian Public Culture
    Supervisor:  Tarek El-Ariss


    John Weinert (M.A., Arabic Linguistics). Lecturer of Arabic, Smith College
    Thesis:  Dialects in the Arabic Classroom: A Pedagogical Survey of Arabic Language Learners
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal

    Center for Middle Eastern Studies - M.A.

    Timothy Arnold (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies; M.S.Info.Studies dual-degree program)
    Thesis:  The Limits of Structural Theories of Revolution: Egypt, Scale, and Twitter as "History 2"
    Supervisor:  Megan Winget and Tarek El-Ariss


    Beeta Baghoolizadeh (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). The University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. student in History
    Thesis:  From Fellows to Foreigners: The Qajar Experience in the Ottoman Empire
    Supervisor:  Kamran Aghaie


    Lauren Baker (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Project on Middle East Political Science, George Washington Univ.
    Thesis:  Managing the Waters Within Area A:  Water Allocation in Jericho as a Case Study for Palestinian Water Management
    Supervisor:  David Eaton


    Jennifer Davey (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies).  UT Austin, Comparative Literature, Ph.D. student
    Thesis:  Unruly Voices:  Narration of Communal Memory and the Construction of Gender and Community Identity in Assia Djebar's Far From Madina
    Supervisor:  Denise Spellberg


    Eric Eyges (M.A./M.PAff, Middle Eastern Studies & Public Affairs Dual-Degree Program, Dual-Language Track in Arabic/Persian). Emerging Markets Research Analyst at Ergo
    Thesis:  Power Sector Reform and Renewable Energy in the MENA Region:  A Study of Interaction Between These Two Initiatives in the UAE, Egypt and Morocco
    Supervisor:  Kamran Aghaie


    Rebecca Hopkins (M.A./M.PAff, Middle Eastern Studies & Public Affairs).  Research Analyst at Courage Services
    Thesis:  The Role of Rhetoric in Legitimizing Authority:  The Speeches of Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah During the 2006 War
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal


    Rachel Leonard (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies, Dual-Language Track in Arabic/Hebrew)
    Report:  Arab Jews, Mizrahi Studies and Shimon Ballas' Outcast
    Supervisor:  Yoav Di-Capua


    Amy Schweiss (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies).  Library Assistant at the Tarlton Law Library at UT Austin
    Thesis:  Urbanization, Islamization, and Identity Crisis:  The Role of Pastun Women's Mourning in the Construction and Maintenance of Identity
    Supervisor:  Faegheh Shirazi


    Luke Steidl (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies).  Sections Department Clerk at the Texas State Bar Assoc.
    Thesis:  Value in the Turkish Model of Civil-Military Relations
    Supervisor:  Yoav Di-Capua


    Jessica Tibbets (M.A./M.GPS, MES and Global Policy Studies Dual-Degree Program).  Academic Advisor at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
    Thesis:  The Public Distribution System, Consequences of US Food Aid in Iraq
    Supervisor:  Kamran Aghaie & Robert Hutchings
  • 2011

    Department of Middle Eastern Studies - M.A. and Ph.D.

    Blake Atwood (Ph.D., Persian). Assistant Professor of Persian, UT Austin
    Dissertation:  Re-Envisioning Reform:  Film, New Media, and Politics in Post-Khomeini Iran
    Supervisor:  Mohammad Ghanoonparvar


    Emilie Durand-Zuniga (M.A., Arabic). Doctoral Student in MELC, UT Austin
    Thesis: Word-Final Imaala in Contemporary Levantine Arabic:  A Case of Language Variation and Change
    Supervisor: Kristen Brustad


    Peter Glanville (Ph.D., Arabic). Assistant Professor of Arabic & Associate Director of Arabic Programs, University of Maryland
    Dissertation: The Arabic Verb: Root and Stem and their Contribution to Verb Meaning
    Supervisor: Kristen Brustad


    Zeina Halabi (Ph.D., Arabic). Assistant Professor of Arabic, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Dissertation: Writing melancholy: the death of the intellectual in modern Arabic literature
    Supervisor: Tarek El-Ariss


    Shon Hopkin (Ph.D. Hebrew). Assistant Professor of Ancient Scripture, Brigham Young University
    Dissertation: Joseph ben Samuel Tsarfati and Fernando de Rojas: Celestina and the world of the go-between
    Supervisor: Esther Raizen and Michael Harney


    Anita Husen (M.A., Arabic). Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Director of The Markaz Resource Center, Stanford University
    Thesis:  A New Understanding of Heritage:  A Case Study of Non-Arab Muslims in the Arabic Classroom
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal


    Farkhondeh Shayesteh (Ph.D., Persian). Lecturer of Persian, Yale University
    Dissertation: In search of identity: Hushang Golshiri's Ayenehha-ye dardar and other works of fiction
    Supervisor: M.R. Ghanoonparvar


    Eric Young (M.A., Arabic)
    Thesis:  Teaching and Learning Arabic Vocabulary:  A Learner-Centered Approach
    Supervisor:  Mahmoud Al-Batal and Martha Schulte-Nafeh



    Center for Middle Eastern Studies - M.A.

    John Blasing (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis: The games behind the game: the process of democratic deepening and identity formation in Turkey as seen through football clubs
    Supervisor: Clement Henry


    Stephen Bush (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Student Services Mgr. at CIEE Study Abroad
    M.A. Thesis: Continuity and change in the concept of freedom through three generations of the modern Arab Renaissance (Nahda)
    Supervisor: Yoav Di-Capua


    James Casey (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Doctoral Student, Princeton University
    M.A. Thesis: On the traumatic origins of political community in modern Syria
    Supervisor: Yoav Di-Capua


    Alexandra Frasca (Dual M.A., Middle Eastern Studies, M.B.A., Business Administration)
    M.A. Thesis: Dubai, debt, and dependency: the political and economic implications of the bailout of Dubai
    Supervisor: Clement Henry


    Mary Huizar (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis: "There is a Limit":  Israel's "Refusenik" Movement and Its Critics
    Supervisor: Ami Pedahzur & Zoltan Barany


    Anthony Joyce (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Intern at American Historical Assoc.
    M.A. Thesis: George Habash: A New Look at His Origins and Politics
    Supervisor: Yoav Di-Capua


    Jeffrey Moe (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies, and M.S.S. Social Work).  VA Outreach Coordinator and Mental Health Clinician, UT Austin
    M.A. Thesis: The perfect storm: violence in Qasim Era Iraq, 1958-1963
    Supervisor: Yoav Di-Capua


    Carmen Reza (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis: Culture shock, trauma, exile, and nostalgia in Iranian-American literature
    Supervisor: M.R. Ghanoonparvar


    Joanna Schenke (Dual M.A. Middle Eastern Studies / M.P.A. in Public Affairs). U.S. Department of State
    M.A. Thesis: Oil Politics in the New Iraq
    Supervisors: Clement Henry and Varun Rai


    Kelly Stedem (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies). Independent Consultant, Beirut
    M.A. Thesis: Syria and Saudi Arabia in Post-Ta'if Lebanon
    Supervisor: Clement Henry
  • 2010

    Department of Middle Eastern Studies - M.A. and Ph.D.

    Britten Milliman (M.A., Arabic)
    M.A. Thesis: Key components in a successful Arabic immersion program for high school students: a case study
    Supervisor: Mahmoud al-Batal


    Ahmad Aminpour (M.A., Persian). Doctoral Student in History
    M.A. Thesis:  An Overview of the Flowers of Shoran:  A Kurdish Novel by ‘Atā Nahāyi
    Supervisor: Mohammad Ghanoonparvar


    Benjamin Koerber (M.A., Arabic). Doctoral Student in Arabic Studies
    M.A. Thesis:  The Aesthetics and Politics of Rumor in Modern Egypt
    Supervisor: Tarek El-Ariss

    Center for Middle Eastern Studies - M.A.

    Leah Caldwell (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis: The Syrian private media and discourse of the development of the Syrian national economy
    Supervisor: Karin Wilkins


    Erica Chernick (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis: The influence of religion on the character and conduct of the Israel Defense Forces
    Supervisor: Ami Pedahzur


    Lauren Grifka (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis:  Muslims in Manhattan: those who built it up and those who brought it down
    Supervisor: Ami Pedahzur


    Meghan Holder (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis: Strange magic: healing and protection ritual in contemporary Islam
    Supervisor: Faegheh Shirazi


    Alyssa Miller (M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies). Doctoral Student, Duke University
    M.A. Thesis: The animal at the scene of writing: narrative subjectivities of the Lebanese civil war
    Supervisor: Tarek El-Ariss


    Tatiana Poltoratskaia (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis: Russia's role in the Middle East: Russian weapons sales to the Syrian Arab Republic, 1950-2010
    Supervisor: Ami Pedahzur


    Dart Risley (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis: British interests and the partition of Mosul
    Supervisor: Wm. Roger Louis


    Rosalie Town (M.A., Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis: The development and the use of the negation particles miš and mā...š in Egyptian colloquial Arabic
    Supervisor: Na'ama Pat-El


    Behrang Vessali (M.A. Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis: Iranian-Israeli relations in light of the Iranian Revolution
    Supervisor: Kamran Aghaie


    Jonathan Wolz (M.A. Middle Eastern Studies)
    M.A. Thesis: Islamic foundations for effective water management: four case studies
    Supervisor: David Eaton