Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

CMES alumnae Joanna Schenke describes her job at the U.S. Embassy in Adana, Turkey

Wed, December 19, 2018
CMES alumnae Joanna Schenke describes her job at the U.S. Embassy in Adana, Turkey
Joanna Schenke

In a January 2018 video titled “American Diplomats Describe Their Jobs the U.S. Embassy”, CMES Aluma Joanna Schenke describes her daily work in the Political Affairs Division of the U.S. Consulate in Adana, Turkey, where she has served since 2016.  Ms. Schenke recounts (in flawless Turkish) how she and her Turkish colleagues regularly travel to the 22 provinces of South/Southeast Turkey in order to meet with local government officials, civil society organization representatives, and business leaders to field their concerns and convey accurate cultural, socioeconomic and political information to the U.S. government.  She and her colleagues regularly host American diplomats and dignitaries who travel from Ankara and Istanbul to Adana; and she also provides consular services to American citizens living and working in the South/Southeast region of Turkey, including U.S. military personnel stationed at the nearby Incirlik Air Base.  Ms. Schenke clearly enjoys living in Adana and working at the U.S. Consulate to strengthen U.S.-Turkey relations.  Prior to her assignment in Adana, Ms. Schenke served the U.S. State Department in Bangladesh and Oman.  She began working for the U.S. State Department immediately after graduating from the UT Center for Middle Eastern Studies M.A. program with Advanced Proficiency in Turkish and Arabic in May 2011.  She speaks Arabic, Bengali, German, Spanish and Turkish.



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