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A Talk by Héctor Nahuelpan (Mapuche) on Colonization in Mapuche-Williche Territory

Visiting researcher Héctor Nahuelpan (Mapuche) will speak about the historical process of colonization in the Mapuche-Williche territory, located in what is today named as “southern Chile.” The title of his talk is, “Colonización, lógicas de eliminación y suplantación en territorio Mapuche-Williche” [Colonization, Logics of Elimination and Replacement in Mapuche-Williche Territory].

Wed, September 25, 2019 | RLP 1.302D

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

This talk will take place on Wednesday, September 25, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM, in RLP 1.302D, on UT campus. For this talk, translation from Spanish to English will be available; and is open to the public.

Héctor Nahuelpan is a Mapuche-Lafkenche scholar and activist.  As a Lafkenche (people from the coastal region), he grew in the community of Mehuin in the northern coastal area of the Province of Valdivia in Chile. In 2013, Nahuelpan earned his PhD in Anthropology at the Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (CIESAS-Mexico City), in Mexico. Currently, he is a faculty member in the Department of Social Sciences at the Universidad de Los Lagos, Chile.  

Héctor Nahuelpan is a founding member of the Comunidad de Historia Mapuche, which is a collective of indigenous, Mapuche researchers based in Temuco, southern Chile. His research focuses on questions of colonialism and land dispossession; Mapuche concepts of territory as land and as water; indigenous forms of governance, political autonomy and self-determination; indigenous epistemic sovereignty and methodologies; Mapuche history, labor exploitation, colonial violence, and memory, from 19th century to the present.

This event is part of the NAIS Speaker Series of the Program in Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) at UT Austin.

Austin, September 2019.


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