Student Organizations

Native American & Indigenous Collective (NAIC)

A student-led organization at UT Austin engaged with the principles of Native empowerment, transnational, and intertribal unity, scholarship, and community. NAIC strives to create a supportive space for Native American and Indigenous students and is open to any UT student invested in the aforementioned principles. NAIC is housed at the Multicultural Engagement Center (SAC 1.102).

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Native American & Indigenous Peoples' Association (NAIPA)

A graduate student-led organization at UT Austin that strives to create spaces that facilitate and foster Native American and Indigenous local, hemispheric, and transnational dialogues and actions. NAIPA welcomes Indigenous and non-Indigenous graduate students to work together in building our Native empowerment on campus and beyond. NAIPA is housed in the office of NAIS (RLP 2.106).


NAIC Co-President Yasmeen Davila:

NAIC Co-President Kristian Byrd: