Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps


Welcome to the University of Texas Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps! Here you will find some answers to questions that you might have about this program.

What is Naval ROTC?

  • Naval ROTC is a program designed to train and commision men and women in civilian colleges to become officers in the Navy or Marine Corps.

What will their schedule look like?

  • A typical week here at the unit would look something like the following:
    • Monday: Battalion Physical Training (PT) - 7-8 A.M.
    • Tuesday: Leadership Laboratory - 7-9 A.M.
    • Wednesday: Off
    • Thursday: Navy PT or Marine Corps PT - 7-8 A.M.
    • Friday: Remedial PT (If applicable) - 7-8 A.M.
  • Additional commitments may arise depending on what teams they may join or what positions they might hold in the battalion.

Is room and board covered by the scholarship?

  • No. Only full tuition, uniforms, and Naval science textbooks are provided for students on scholarship.

Can they pick their own degree?

  • Yes. The Navy desires to commission officers with the technical skills needed to operate in the technology demanding military. As a result, STEM majors (Tier 1 or Tier 2), primarily engineering and physical science degrees, are needed to build those technical skills. However, students seeking any major are welcome and encouraged to apply. 

Do they need to be on scholarship?

  • No, you do not need to be on scholarship to join the program.
  • By the beginning of their junior year, all Midshipmen must either be on scholarship or advanced standing to remain in the program. Midshipmen not on scholarship during their freshmen and sophomore years will apply for a scholarship at the end of each academic year. Advanced standing is awarded by the Navy to Midshipmen who are not selected for scholarship but will still commission as officers. Advanced standing midshipmen do not get their tuition paid for but will receive a stipend every month. See the Prospective Applicants section for more information.

Do they have any obligations in the summer?

  • Yes. Scholarship Midshipmen will attend a summer cruise every summer. See the Summer Cruise section for more information.

Do they have to go into the active duty military? Can they go into the reserves?

  • All students who graduate and complete the requirements of the NROTC program will receive a commission as an active duty Navy or Marine Corps officer.

Do they get normal holidays off?

  • Yes. This program does not interfere with the holidays or breaks that are honored by the university except for Midshipmen cruises in the summer.

How much will they get paid?

  • Scholarship and advanced standing Midshipmen will receive a monthly subsistence stipend depending on their grade ($250 for freshmen, $300 for sophomores, $350 for juniors, $400 for seniors).

Do they wear uniforms on campus?

  • Yes. Typically once a week, Midshipmen will wear the Navy's Service Khaki uniform for the whole day and while attending classes. Additionally, on days of inspection or special occasions, Midshipmen may wear Navy dress uniforms like the Service Dress Blue uniform or the Summer White uniform around campus.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

  • Feel free to email our Aviation Officer, LT Maressa Guynn, at or give us a call at 512-471-7677.

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