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NMIN Response to COVID-19

This is a time of crisis. For us, for our students, and for our students’ families. And in times of crisis, many students can be left behind.

What can be done? From our work with the National Mindset Innovation Network schools, we know that students’ feelings of belonging, purpose and growth—their learning mindsets—can help them stay engaged in school. This may be truer now than ever before, as students have to become even more self-directed in their learning. But it has probably never been harder for educators to sustain meaningful relationships with our students and support their belonging, purposes, and growth.

And yet we see many signs of hope from educators. Carol Dweck and David Yeager have been talking to administrators and teachers in the NMIN over the last few weeks to understand the impact of this upheaval. We have heard inspiring stories about teachers who have gone above and beyond, about students who are working hard in the midst of huge economic challenges, and about administrators who have kept their staff inspired and cohesive.

We are certain that there are many more stories from administrators and teachers from the past few weeks. We want to hear them, spread them, and help secure new resources to support teachers.

We want to hear from educators about how they have been engaging their students through distance learning during the COVID-19 crisis. We want to learn about what you, your colleagues, or other teachers are doing to support students' mindsets. Our goal is to compile an online resource with innovative strategies to support students' mindsets through distance learning, to help teachers now and in the future.

If you are interested in nominating yourself, a colleague or a teacher you know to participate, please reach out to us in one of the following ways:

  • Fill out this form nominating yourself or another teacher.
  • Email mindset@prc.utexas.edu with the subject “COVID Mindset Teaching Strategies”
  • Tweet @NMIN_UT with the #MindsetTeaching

Interviews with NMIN Teachers and Leaders

You can watch all of our current interviews with teachers on the National Mindset Innovation Network YouTube channel. We are talking to teachers and adding new videos every month.