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National Mindset Innovation Network

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The National Mindset Innovation Network (NMIN) is a network representative of schools across the country involved in studying and developing student mindset strategies through collaboration of professional learning practices and was directly born from the National Study of Learning Mindsets.

We hope to leverage the network by going beyond offering token incentives that traditionally are offered for having schools join a research study. We plan on focusing on true, meaningful capacity building that improves student outcomes. We envision building a network of schools who can rapidly prototype discoveries and give feedback on best school practices.

A research-practice partnership answers questions that matter to schools, so that they can continually improve the outcomes that they have prioritized. As a research-practice partnership, the National Mindset Innovation Network will merge data already collected as a part of the National Study and use it to support your initiatives. Our partnership has three core values:

Core Value #1: Listening to Your Improvement Priorities

Your on-site PD will be tailored to your priorities. We will hear from each school about the student outcomes that they would like us to prioritize in our analyses of your students’ data. For instance, some schools ask for data-based insights about what teacher practices relate to chronic absenteeism or 9th grade “on-track” rates—i.e. the rates at which students finish 9th grade with a C or above in core classes. Other schools are interested in learning what might increase the rate at which students complete high school with enough math/science credits to attend a 4-year college.

Core Value #2: Based on a Scientific and Actionable Model of Student Success

The NMIN grows out of the leading scientific theories of mindsets—developed by mindset scholars Carol Dweck, David Yeager, Chris Hulleman, Gregory Walton, Claude Steele, and more. These scientific theories were supported and extended in the National Study, which is the most rigorous national study of its kind. Now, this cutting-edge, well-validated theory serves as the basis for the insights that we hope to build on with your school’s team.

Core Value #3: Fast, Useful Reporting on All Data

The final core value is that we commit to produce reports on all data that are shared in a timeframe in which it can be useful to you. Our goal is to give the first interim report for each data element within one month of receiving your final, complete, and merged datasets. The reason for this is our recognition that true, lasting, and transformative innovations will come from leaders in your school communities. But you need good information as soon as possible, so you can plan accordingly. Our role, then, is to create timely reports on your students’ outcomes. These can provide insights, formality, justification, inspiration, and guidance for the leadership teams.

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Benefits for schools of being part of NMIN

  • Professional Learning - PhDs with experience in the PERTS lab and former high ranking educators deliver customized professional learning experiences with each schools' own data.
  • Peer Network Collaboration - Schools have a group of trusted, like-minded partners that they can call upon, learn from, and teach the best practices in the field through both facilitated webinars and 1:1 outreach.
  • Mindset Scholar Network Articles and Webinars - Monthly newsletter with article highlights with discussion guides for professional learning from National Scholar Mindset authors and contributors.
  • Character Lab Educator Summit - A dedicated time in Philadelphia where all schools come together to deepen their community, discuss initiatives and learn from leaders in the field. Included in this time is a “mini-summit” where National Mindset Schools come together to learn, celebrate, and deepen community.
  • National Prestige - Schools become part of national network of elite schools to show to their community and remind themselves that they are capable of doing great things for students.