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TxMI - College Transition

The Texas Behavioral Science and Policy Institute (TxBSPi) has partnered the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Natural Science (CNS), to identify and implement strategies that transform learning and instruction through the Texas Mindset Initiative(TxMI) to develop and evaluate the first generation of scalable instructor mindset interventions with a focus on college transition for students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) majors and classes.

The TxMI will provide various departments in CNS with data and insights relevant to improving educational practice—in particular, mindset-relevant teaching practices that help college students persist and graduate on-time.

The guiding questions for research and investigation include:

  • What are the most relevant academic outcomes of interest for students in STEM majors?
  • What does a successful course progression look like in STEM majors over time?
  • What are the equity gaps (by gender, race/ethnicity, and first-generation status) in:
  • Student performance such as course progression, persistence, performance, and graduation?
  • Student perceptions of climate, quality of advising and faculty, sense of belonging, STEM identification, self-efficacy, and others?
  • What are the determinants of variability in equity gaps across various majors, departments, and faculty leading gateway courses?
  • What is the association between students’ sense of belonging and perceptions about campus climate and students’ use of mental health services? Does this vary across majors/departments?

The results of this research will be applied to providing feedback and strategies to the CNS faculty and administration for the purpose of evaluating the educational progress of the CNS students. 

A parallel project is being undertaken to improve to identify and implement strategies that transform learning and instruction with a focus on high school transition.

For more information, please contact txbspi@prc.utexas.edu.