Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Joint Program Courses

Seminars in ancient philosophy
Faculty in both Departments regularly offer seminars on topics in ancient philosophy, normally one every semester. Some are cross-listed in both Departments (typically GRK 390 and PHL 381) and may include additional "satellite" sessions for close reading of Greek or Latin texts.
Recent topics include: Virtue ethics, Aristotle's philosophy of mind, Origins of metaphysics (Parmenides), Aristotle's biology, Ancient emotions.

Reading courses: courses are offered in each language every semester at both graduate (GRK 385 and LAT 385) and undergraduate (GRK 324 and LAT 323) levels. Readings for each often include philosophical authors or topics.
Recent topics include: Aristotle on tragedy, Seneca, Plato and Greek prose, Wisdom poetry.

Intensive Greek: an accelerated 10-week introduction, offered every summer. Originally instituted in part to serve graduate students in Philosophy interested in ancient philosophy, it enables diligent students to compress four semesters of study into a single season.

History of Ancient Philosophy (PHL 329K / CC 348): offered every semester and required for the undergraduate Philosophy majors. Joint Program students in Philosophy regularly have opportunities to assist with this course as TA, leading weekly discussion sections.