Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Joint Program Events


The "straight-thinkers" discussion group brings together graduate students and faculty on a weekly basis for close reading and analysis of selected Greek philosophical texts. It also sponsors presentations of work-in-progress by members and visiting scholars. Meetings are informal and open to anyone interested. Students in the Joint Program should try to participate regularly. To join the group's email-list (or to be removed), contact the Director.

Ancient Philosophy Workshop

An annual event since 1978, the Workshop is held on a weekend every Spring either here or on another campus. Bringing together specialists in ancient philosophy from around the country and beyond, the Workshops typically comprise eight to ten talks on "work in progress." Discussion is standardly initiated by respondents, and a congenial atmosphere promotes both critical debate and informal discussion. Program students regularly participate as respondents or presenters; and the Workshops are especially popular among Program alumni, who often return for subsequent events.

Colloquia and Conferences

Besides the annual series of talks sponsored by Classics and Philosophy, which regularly include some on ancient philosophy or closely related topics, the Joint Program also sponsors occasional talks and seminars by visiting specialists. Every few years we also host a thematic conference, most recently the 5th meeting of the International Association for Presocratic Studies, in June 2016.

Previous Workshops

41 (2018) University of Florida
40 (2017) UT Austin
39 (2016) Rice University: Aristotle's Birthday
38 (2015) UT Austin: In Memoriam Scott Austin
37 (2014) Temple/Penn
36 (2013) UT Austin
35 (2012) UT Austin
34 (2011) Washington University, St. Louis
33 (2010) UT Austin: In Memoriam Steven Strange
32 (2009) Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
31 (2008) Texas A & M University
30 (2007) UT Austin
29 (2006) Emory University
28 (2005) UT Austin
27 (2004) Texas Christian University
26 (2003) Texas A & M University
25 (2002) UT Austin
24 (2001) Flordia State University
23 (2000) Texas Christian University
22 (1999) Trinity University
21 (1998) UT Austin
20 (1997) UT Austin
19 (1996) Texas A & M University
18 (1995) University of Colorado
17 (1994) UT Austin
16 (1993) University of Oklahoma
15 (1992) UT Austin
14 (1991) UT Austin
13 (1990) UT Austin
12 (1989) Rice University
11 (1988) UT Austin
10 (1987) UT Austin
3-9 (1980-6) UT Austin
2 (1979) Rice University
1 (1978) UT Austin