Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Joint Program Resources

The most substantial collection in ancient philosophy is in PCL. The Classics Library (on the ground floor of Waggener Hall in WAG 1) also houses standard editions of most ancient philosophical texts and many commentaries and studies. In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the field, philosophical works by many ancient authors are catalogued both as philosophy (mainly Library of Congress B300-600s; some older works in 180s in PCL) and as literature (mainly PAs; some older works in 870s & 880s in PCL).

The Brogan Reading Room (WAG 312) is sponsored and managed solely by the Department of Philosophy. It houses a non-circulating collection of basic works by and about major philosophers, including many ancient figures. The collection also includes a number of major philosophical journals. None of this material is catalogued in the campus-wide UTCAT, and circulation is restricted.

Vlastos Archive
The Archive assembles the academic books and papers of Gregory Vlastos, one of the leading figures in ancient philosophy in the 20th Century. The collection, which is housed on campus in the H.R. Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC), comprises a core library of annotated texts and monographs (c. 400 volumes), numerous offprints, over 100 document cases of papers (typescripts, correspondence, course notes, etc.), and 20 MB of electronic documents. The collection, which is the generous gift of his heirs, complements HRC holdings from Bertrand Russell, George Santayana, and other philosophers.

Peer Learning
Much of what you learn in graduate school comes from other graduate students. In this mega-university of some 50,000 students, the relatively small number of graduate students in Classics and Philosophy, housed together in Waggener Hall and united by shared interests, form a dynamic inter-disciplinary community. There are usually between six and ten students specializing in ancient philosophy, and many others in each Department have overlapping or closely related interests.

Academic Exchange
Many students in the Joint Program have spent semesters or years in study and research at other institutions. Recent visits include the University of Arizona, King's College London, the Center for the Study of Herculaneum Papyri in Naples, and the Center for Study of Ancient Thought in Rome. The program has also enjoyed visits of a semester or more from graduate students in other universities, including Arizona, Ohio State, Leiden, Melbourne, and Western Ontario.

King's College London
The Joint Program enjoys a long-standing association with the Department of Philosophy at King's College London through the Ancient Commentators on Aristotle Project. Since its inception in 1985, the Project has translated and published 54 volumes of these philosophical commentaries, which were written mainly between 200 and 600 A.D. and form a crucial link between ancient philosophy and later European thought. Richard Sorabji, as general editor of the series and Professor Emeritus at King's College London, has invited 7 students in the Joint Program to work with the Project as Research Assistants: Tom Bole, Larry Schrenk, John Ellis, Dirk Baltzly, Sylvia Berryman, Greg Bayer, and John Bowin. Most also did some of their doctoral work with Professor Sorabji, as did another Joint Program graduate, Victor Caston; and Sylvia Berryman was also his assistant when he was Director of the Institute of Classical Studies. Doctoral students from King's College have in turn visited Austin for conferences and courses, including Intensive Greek during the Summer.