Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Daniel Drucker

Assistant ProfessorPh.D, University of Michigan



PHL 313 • Introductory Symbolic Logic

41940-41950 • Spring 2021
Meets MWF 12:00PM-1:00PM JES A121A

This is a first course in deductive symbolic logic. We'll study formal languages for representing sentences
in logically precise ways, we'll study algorithms for evaluating arguments as logically valid or invalid, and
we'll get an introduction to some of the surprising discoveries logicians have made about what tasks no
algorithm can possibly do.

PHL 321K • Theory Of Knowledge

40735 • Fall 2020
Meets MW 11:30AM-1:00PM BUR 224

What is knowledge? What are the principal types of knowledge, and what does a person's knowing a claim or proposition p amount to? Philosophers have commonly supposed that a person's having justification, or warrant, for believing that p is a necessary condition of his/her knowing that p. Accordingly, this course will be concerned with theories of justification as well as of knowledge, along with the question of whether there can be knowledge without what is called epistemic justification. Views in ancient, early modern, and contemporary philosophy—also one Eastern view—will be surveyed.

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