Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Graduate Student Publications

Laurenz Casser and Sam Clarke
"Is Pain Modular?"
Mind & Language (Forthcoming 2022) 

Karim Nader and Min Kyung Lee
"Folk Theories and User Strategies on Dating Apps: How users understand and manage their experience with algorithmic matchmaking'"
iConference 2022 – Information for a Better World: Shaping the Global Future, (February 2022) 

Taylor-grey Miller
"On the Reduction of Constitutive to Consequential Essence'"
Ergo (forthcoming 2022) 

Michael Dale
"Brains, Trains, and Ethical Claims: Reassessing the Normative Implications of Moral Dilemma Research"
(with Bertram Gawronski) Philisophical Psychology (forthcoming 2022) 

Andrew Dennis Bassford
"Essence, Effluence, and Emanation: A Neo-Suarezian Analysis'"
Studia Neoaristotelica: Journal of Analytic Scholasticism (forthcoming 2022) 

Andrew del Rio
"Why undermining evolutionary debunkers is not enough"
Synthese (forthcoming) 

Steven Gubka
"There Are No Irrational Emotions"
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (July 2021) 

Laurenz Casser and Henry Schiller
"A Hole in the Box and a Pain in the Mouth"
The Philosophical Quarterly (2021) 

Karim Nader
"Virtual Competitions and the Gamer's Dilemma"
Ethics and Information Technology 22, 239-245 (2021) 

Andrew Dennis Bassford
"God's Place in Logical Space'"
The Journal of Analytic Theology (2021) 

Karim Nader
"Dating Through the Filters"
Social Philosophy and Policy, 37(2), 237-248 (2020) 

Ron Avni
"Problems with purely pragmatic belief'"
Philosophical Studies (May 2021) 

Matthew Bisconti
"John Heil’s General Ontology"
The Monist, Volume 104, Issue 1, Pages 28–37, January 2021

Matthew Vermaire
"Against Schmought"
The Journal of Philosophy 118 (9):465-485 (2021) 

Alex Rausch
"A Puzzle about Belief-about"
Mind (forthcoming 2021) 

Zach Blaesi
"The Moral Parody Argument Against Panpsychism"
Philosophical Studies (forthcoming 2021)

Matthew Vermaire
"In Search of Doxastic Involuntarism"
Philosophical Studies (forthcoming 2021) 

Andrew Bassford
"Counterfactual Similarity, Nomic Indiscernibility, and the Parodox of Quidditism"
(with Dan Dolson) Inquiry (forthcoming 2021) 

Andrew Dennis Bassford
"Malebranche on Intelligible Extension"
Metaphysica (2020) 

Andrew Dennis Bassford
"A Response to Chisholm's Paradox"
Philosophical Studies (2020) 

Laurenz Casser
"The Function of Pain"
Australasian Journal of Philosophy (2020) 

Taylor-grey Miller and Derek Haderlie
"How to be a Partialist and an Evidentialist about Faith"
Australasian Philosophical Review (forthcoming 2020) 

Matthew Vermaire
"Retraction and Testimonial Justification: A New Problem for the Assurance View'"
Philosophical Studies (forthcoming 2020) 

Michael Dale
"Neurons and Normativity: A Critique of Greene's Notion of Unfamiliarity'"
Philosophical Psychology (forthcoming 2020) 

Taylor-grey Miller and  Derek Haderlie
"Sider's Puzzle and the Mormon Afterlife'"
Journal of Analytic Theology (forthcoming 2020) 

Sosseh Assaturian
"What The Forms Are Not: Plato on Conceptualism in Parmenides 132b-c"
Philosophical Studies (forthcoming 2019-20) 

Henry Schiller
"Acts of Desire"
Inquiry(forthcoming 2019) 

Henry Schiller
"Is that a threat?"
Erkenntnis (forthcoming 2019) 

Sosseh Assaturian
"Review of Benjamin Harriman, 'Melissus and Eleatic Monism'"
The Classical Review 69 (2)  (forthcoming 2019) 

Sam Fox Krauss
"Moral Market Design"
Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy (forthcoming 2019) 

Michael Dale
"Diversity in the Development of Cognitive Flexibility: Greater Cultural Variation in Rule Switching than Word Learning"
(with Cristine Legare, Sarah Kim, and Gedeon Deak) Nature Scientific Reports (forthcoming) October 2018

Michael Dale
"The Sexual Selection of Hominin Bipedalism"
Ideas in Ecology and Evolution (forthcoming), October 2018 

Henry Schiller
"The Nyāya Argument for Disjunctivism"
History of Philosophy Quarterly 36 (1) (2019) 

Henry Schiller
"The Swapping Constraint"
Minds and Machines, 28 (3):605-622 (2018) 

Henry Schiller
"Phenomenal Dispositions"
Synthese, (forthcoming), July 2018

Henry Schiller
"Acquaintance and First-Person Attitude Reports"
Analysis, (forthcoming), July 2018 

Ivan Hu
" 'Vague' at Higher Orders"
MIND, The Mind Association Vol 126 Issue 504, October 2017 

Andrew Ingram
"Guilt, Practical Identity, and Moral Staining"
Philosophy, Volume 92, Issue no. 4, October 2017 

Sam Krauss
"Lying, risk and accuracy"
Analysis 77(4): 726-734. 2017 

Brad Saad
"Indeterministic Causation and Two Patches for the Pairing Argument"
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming 2017) 

Brad Saad
"Interactionism, Haecceities, and the Pairing Argument"
Inquiry (forthcoming 2017) 

Caroline Christoff
"Beyond Providing Accommodations: How to Be an Effective Instructor and Ally to Students with Learning Disabilities"
American Association of Philosophy Teachers Studies in Pedagogy (forthcoming) 

Andrew Ingram
"Two Responses to Moral Luck"
Philosophy and Literature (forthcoming 2017) 

Brian Knab
"Origins of Life Research Does Not Rest on a Mistkae"
Ergo, an Open Access Journal of Philosophy 3.  (2016) 

Jonathan Drake
"Motivating Reason to Slow the Factive Turn"
Veli Mitove (editor), The Factice Turn in Epistemology. Cambridge University Press (forthcoming) 

Jonathan Drake
"Doxastic Permissiveness and the Promise of Truth"
Synthese  (forthcoming) 

Jonathan Brink Morgan
"Naïve Realism and Phenomenal Overlap"
Philosophical Studies  (forthcoming) 

Jason Schukraft
"Carving Intuition at Its Joints"
Metaphilosophy  (forthcoming) 

Justin Morton
"A New Evolutionary Debunking Argument Against Moral Realism"
The Journal of the American Philosophical Association (forthcoming) 

Brad Saad
"How to befriend zombies: a guide for physicalists"
Philosophical Studies (forthcoming) 

Brian Miller
"How to be a Bayesian Dogmatist"
Australasian Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming) 

Sosseh Assaturian
"Review of Michael V. Wedin's 'Parmenides' Grand Deduction: A Logical Reconstruction of the Way of Truth' "
(with Matt Evans) The Journal of The History of Philosophy,53 (4):775-776 (

Daniel Eaton
"Evidence Against Pragmatic Encroachment"
(with Timothy Pickavance)  Philosophical Studies, 172 (12):3135-3143

Keith Turausky
"The Most Interesting Problem in the Universe"
  Journal of Consciousness Studies, 21, No. 7-8, 2014

Daniel Eaton
"Wagering on Pragmatic Encroachment"
(with Tim Pickavance)  Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion, forthcoming

Brian Cutter
"Pain and Representation"
  Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Pain, forthcoming 2014

Jerry Green
"Melody and Rhythm at Symposium 187d2"
  Classical Philology, forthcoming 2014

Jerry Green
"The Underlying Argument of Aristotle's Metaphysics Z.3"
  Phronesis 59 (2014): 321-342

Steven James
"Hallucinating Real Things"
  Synthese, forthcoming 2014

Keith Turausky
"Wherever You Go, There You Are: On Individuative Subjective Phenomenology"
Essays in Philosophy, (Volume 15, No. 2) forthcoming

Brian Cutter
"Pains and Reasons: Why it is Rational to Kill the Messenger"
(with Michael Tye)  Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming

Marco Aurélio Sousa Alves
"Are emotions necessary and sufficient for making moral judgments?"
ethic@: An International Journal for Moral Philosophy, 12(1): 113-26, June 2013

Marco Aurélio Sousa Alves
"Fregean de re thoughts"
Cognitio-Estudos, 11(1), forthcoming

Marco Aurélio Sousa Alves
"The Minimal Method of Descartes"
Metatheoria: Journal of Philosophy and History of Science, 3(1): 1-18, 2012

Marco Aurélio Sousa Alves
"Content, Object, and Phenomenal Character"
Principia: an international journal of epistemology, 16(3): 417-49, 2012

Jonathan Vanderhoek
"Review of Macalester Bell's Harsh Feelings: The Moral Psychology of Contempt"
The Journal of Moral Philosophy, forthcoming

Fatema Amijee
"The Role of Attention in Russell's Theory of Knowledge"
British Journal for the History of Philosophy, forthcoming

Malcolm Keating
"Mukulabhaṭṭa’s Defense of Lakṣaṇā: How We Use Words to Mean Something Else, but Not Everything Else"
Journal of Indian Philosophy, 41.4 (2013): 439-461

Malcolm Keating
"The Cow is to be Tied Up: Sort-Shifting in Classical Indian Philosophy of Language"
History of Philosophy Quarterly, forthcoming

Malcolm Keating
"Introduction to Indian Philosophy"
Religion Compass, forthcoming

Katherine Ritchie
"What are Groups?"
Philosophical Studies, forthcoming

Keith Turausky
"A Thousand Flowers: Tuscon in Bloom"
Journal of Consciousness Studies, August 2012

Paul Williams
"Review of Classical Indian Philosophy of Induction: The Nyāya Viewpoint"
Philosophy East and West, August 2012

Andrew Ingram
"Parsing the Reasonable Person: The Case of Self-Defense"
  American Journal of Criminal Law, forthcoming

Andrew Ingram
"A (Moral) Prisoner's Dilemma: Character Ethics and Plea Bargaining"
Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, forthcoming

Stephen Davey
"How to Respond to the Problem of Deviant Formal Causation"
Philosophia, forthcoming

Jeremy Evans
"The Moral Psychology of Determinism"
Philosophical Psychology, 2013

Alex Grzankowski
"Attitudes without Propositions"
European Journal of Philosophy, online and forthcoming in print

Nicholas Mantegani
"Instantiation is not partial identity"
Philosophical Studies,  2013

Bryan Pickel and Nicholas Mantegani
"A Quinean Critique of Ostrich Nominalism"
Philosophers' Imprint, 2012

Brian Cutter
"Tracking Representationalism and the Painfulness of Pain"
(with Michael Tye)  Philosophical Issues, forthcoming

David Frank
“Neuroeconomic reductionism at work?  A review of Paul W. Glimcher's Foundations of Neuroeconomic Analysis”
Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, Vol. 4., Issue 1, Spring 2011

Christopher Raymond
"Nietzsche on Tragedy and Morality"
in D. Came (ed.), Nietzsche on Art and Life (Oxford University Press),  forthcoming

Nora Berenstain
 “Ontic Structural Realism and Modality”
(with James Ladyman)   in E. Landry and D. Rickles (eds.) Structure, Object, and Causality. University of Western Ontario series in Philosophy of Science, Springer, in press.   2/11

Alex Baia
“Presentism and the Grounding of Truth”
Philosophical Studies, forthcoming.  February 2012

Sarkar S, Strutz SE, Frank DM, Rivaldi C-L, Sissel B, et al.
 “Chagas Disease Risk in Texas”
PLoS/Neglected Tropical Diseases 4(10)  2010

Bryan Pickel
“Rigidification and Attitudes”
Philosophical Studies, Forthcoming  9/10

David Frank  (with Sahotra Sarkar)
“Group Decisions in Biodiversity Conservation: Implications from Game Theory”
PLoS ONE,  May 2010

James Sherman
“Unresolved Problems in the Service Conception of Authority”
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 2010

Malte Willer
“Realizing What Might Be”
Philosophical Studies, 153 (3): 365–375, 2011

James Sherman
"A New Instrumental Theory of Rights"
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice,, July 2009, Forthcoming in print

Bryan Pickel
“Syntax in Basic Laws §§29-32"
Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, 2010

Enrico Grube, John Bengson, and Dan Korman
"A New Framework for Conceptualism"
Nous, August 2010

Malte Willer
“New Surprises for the Ramsey Test”
Synthese, 176 (2): 291–309, 2010

John Bengson
"The Folk on Knowing How"
(with Marc Moffett and Jen Wright), Philosophical Studies, 2009

Reid Blackman
"Review of Michael Zimmerman's The Nature of Intrinsic Value,"
Ethics, 2009

Tim Pickavance
"In Defense of 'Partially Clad' Bare Particulars"
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 2009

Michael Sevel
"Legal Positivism and the Rule of Law"
Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy, 2009

Matthew Dasti
"Testimony, Belief Transfer, and Causal Irrelevance: Reflections from India's Nyäya school:"
History of Philosophy Quarterly, 2008

Dan Korman
"Unrestricted Composition and Restricted Quantification,"
Philosophical Studies, 2008

Neil Sinhababu
"Possible Girls"
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 2008

George Bronnikov
"The Paradox of Clarity: Defending the Missing Inference Theory"
In T. Friedman and S. Ito (eds.), Proceedings of SALT XVIII, Cornel University, 2008

Derek Ball
"Twin-Earth Externalism and Concept Possession"
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 2007

John Bengson (with Marc Moffett)
"Know-how and Concept Possession"
Philosophical Studies, 2007

Matthew Dasti
"The Crito's Integrity"
Apeiron, 2007

Enrico Grube
"Emotional Experience: Between Feeling and Cognition"
Logical Analysis and the History of Philosophy, 2007

John David Ivy (with Robert Hanna)
"Review of Neither Brain Nor Ghost: A Nondualist Alternative to the Mind-Brain Identity Theory"
Philosophical Psychology, 2007

Neil Sinhababu (co-edited with Brian Leiter)
"Nietzsche and Morality"
Oxford University Press, 2007

Neil Sinhababu (with Brian Leiter)
Nietzsche and Morality, 2007

Neil Sinhababu
"Vengeful Thinking and Moral Epistemology"
Nietzsche and Morality, 2007

Dan Korman
"What Externalists Should Say About Dry Earth"
The Journal of Philosophy 2006

Malte Willer
"Der Wahrheitsbegriff in Martin Heideggers Sein und Zeit: Versuch einer Neubeleuchtung"
Philosophisches Jahrbuch 2006

Matthew Dasti
"Buddhi-yoga and the Bhagavad-gétä"
Journal of Vaishnava Studies 2005

Dan Korman
"Law Necessitarianism and the Importance of Being Intuitive"
The Philosophical Quarterly 2005

David Palmer
"New distinctions, same troubles: A reply to Haji and McKenna"
The Journal of Philosophy 2005