Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Doctorates Conferred by Year, Placement(s)

Environmental Philosophy Santa Clara University , TT, 2019
Ethics University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, PD, 2019
Language Northwestern University, TT, 2018
Epistemology Baruch College, 1-yr PD,2018
Claremont McKenna College TT, 2019
Philosophy of Law University of Alabama, 1-yr lectureship, 2018
Chicago-Kent College of Law, 2-yr VAP, 2019
Mind Montclair State University, TT, 2018
Metaethics University of California-Davis, 2-yr VAP, 2018-
University of California-Davis, TT, 2019
Epistemology Private Sector, Google 2018
Ethics, Epistemology Texas Tech University, 1-yr Lectureship, 2018
Creighton University, 1-yr Lectureship, 2018
Epistemology Regents School of Austin, 2018
Ancient, Ethics Austin Community College, Lecturer, 2017—
SUNY, Buffalo, 3-yr VAP, 2019--
Ethics Cycorp, 2017
Language ---------
Metaphysics Two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship, Simon Fraser University, 2017
National University of Singapore, TT, 2019
Metaethics ---------
Mind DMV 2018
Ancient University of Oklahoma, 1-yr VAP,
Oklahoma State University, TT, 2017
Ethics Selkirk College, British Columbia, Permanent Teaching position, 2016
Logic, Semantics Boston University, Lecturer, 2018—
Epistemology Rice University, Lectureship, 2016—
UT Austin Lectureship, 2015-2016
Ancient UT Austin, PD, 2015-2016
Mind Bersoff Faculty Fellowship, NYU, 1-yr PD, 2015
Notre Dame University, TT, 2016
Language UT Austin, PD, 2015-2016
University of Washington, student CFRM program
Indian Philosophy Yale-NUS Singapore, TT, 2015
Polital Philosophy University of Texas-San Antonio, Lecturer, 2015
Mind The Jesuit School of Philosophy and Theology, Brazil, TT, 2014
Federal University of São João del-Rei, Brazil, Tenured Associate Professor, 2016
Mind West Chester University of PA, TT 2014
Ethics Boston College, Permanent Lecturer, 2014
Ethics US Naval Academy, Annapolis, TT 2014
Ancient Deceased
Ethics Auburn University, Lecturer, 2014—
Mind Catholic Church
Language, Mind Texas Tech University TT, 2013
University of Cambridge, PD, 2015
Birkbeck College, University of London, Permanent Lecturer, 2016
Ancient Vassar College, TT, 2013
Metaphysics Duke University, 1-yr teaching, 2013
CUNY, TT, 2014
Bioethics NYU, 1-3 year post-doc/Assistant Prof/Faculty, NYU,2012-2015
University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Lecturer, 2016
Language Centenary College of Louisiana, 2-yr PD, 2013
Trinity University, Visiting Instructor, 2012
Western Michagan University, VAP, 2013
Cycorp 2015
Metaphysics Cycorp 2012
Philosophy of Science University of Tennessee-Knoxville, TT 2012
19th Century German Lecturer, Muskegon Community College 
Metaphysics University of St. Norbert, 3-Yr Teaching Fellowship, 2011
Pepperdine University, TT, 2013
Logic private sector, Moscow, Russia 2011
Ancient National Tsing Hua University Taiwan, TT, 2011
Ancient private sector, 2011-2014
Law School 2014
Political Philosophy Private Sector
Villanova University, PD, 2011
Private Sector 2012-
Political Philosophy University of Toronto, 2-yr post doc, 2011
Mind unknown
Metaphysics Law
Ancient St. John’s College, TT 2011 
Epistemology University of Edinburgh Chancellor's Fellowship & Lectureship (permanent), 2011
Language Universitede Pau et du Pays de IAdouor, France VP, 2011
University of Gottingen, Germany, PD, 2011
Universite de Paris VII, France, PD, 2013
Paul Sabatier University, France, PD, 2015
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, PD, 2006—
Metaphysics PERSP, University of Barcelona-LOGOS research group 3-year post-doc, 2011
University of Edinburgh Chancellor's Fellowship & Lectureship (permanent), 2011
Philosophy of Law University of Miami, 1-yr VAP of Law, 2011
University of Sydney, Permanent Lecturer, 2012
Indian Philosophy 2010 Bridgewater State University, TT, 2010
Epistemology Australian National University, PD, 2010
University of Wisconsin-Madison, TT, 2011
Ethics University of Tennessee Knoxville, TT, 2009
private sector
private sector
St. Edward’s University, Adjunct Professor, 2005—
Ethics Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Permanent Assistant Professor position, 2009
Duquesne University, TT, 2013
Law School Admission Council, 2009
Ethics 2008 Colgate University, VAP, 2009, TT, 2013--
UNC-Chapel Hill, VAP, 2012
Southwestern University, Adjunct, 2006
Texas State University San Marcos, TT 2009
Metaphysics Biola University, TT, 2008
Mind University of St. Andrews, PD, 2008
University of St. Anderws, Permanent Lecturer, 2010
Ethics McNeese State University TT, 2005—
Philosophy of Science James Madison University, TT, 2009
Philosophy of Action National University of Singapore
Philosophy of Science University of Sydney, PD, 2008
Florida State University, TT 2008
Ancient  SUNY-Brockport, VAP, 2007
University of Central Arkansas, TT, 2008
Mind University of IL-Urbana Champaign, 2007
UNC Chapel Hill, VAP 2007
National Institutes of Health, PD, 2008
Pan American Health Organization, 2011—
Mind University of Puget Sound, TT, 2007
Law School, private sector 2006—
Texas State University, Adjunct, 2006
George Mason University, Adjunct, 2008
Austin Community College, Adjunct, 2010
Ethics Boston College, TT, 2006—
Kuwait Cultural Office, Cultural Attache
Philosophy of Biology Hunter College, CUNY, TT, 2011
St. Edwards University, Adjunct 2003
Texas Senate, TX Higher Education Coordinating Board, 2004-2010
University of Notre Dame, Sr. Advisor to Provost 2010-2013
University of Notre Dame, Assistant Provost for Europe, 2013—
Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico, Lecturer 2005
Moral Philosophy Department of Philosophy University of Puget Sound
University of Santa Clara
University of Oklahoma
Ancient St. Norbert College
National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan, TT, TN, 2005—
Phenomenology, Metaphysics Columbus State University, TT 
Pyeongtaek University, South Korea, TT, 2006—
German Philosophy College of William and Mary, VAP, 2003
UNC Wilmington, TT, 2004
Georgia State University, TN, 2006
Florida Atlantic University, TT, 2004
Rider University, TT, 2003
Ethics, Epistemology Eastern Mediterranean University Cypress, TT 2004-—
Princeton, Visiting Research Fellow 2010
Bogazici University Turkey, Visiting Research Fellow, 2012
Texas Tech University, VAP, 2005
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, TN, 2005
University of Georgia, PD, 2004, VAP, 2004
Wilson College, TN, 2006
Ancient New York University, TT, 2004
Yale, VAP, 2010
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, TN, 2011
University of Texas-Austin, TN, 2016
Ancient  Rutgers University, TT, 2002
University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne, TT, 2006
Dongbei University-China, TT 2002
York University, Canada, 2005
Austin Community College, NTT, 2006
Texas A&M University, TT 2011
Auburn University, VAP, 2002
19th Century Philosophy University of Missouri-Kansas City, TT 2003
Texas Christian University, VP, 2009
University of Missouri-Kansas City, TT 2010—
19th Century German Philosophy Middle East Technical University, Turkey, TT, 2003
University of Texas at Austin, Lecturer, 2003-2005
Sookmyung Women’s University, South Korea, TT, 2006
Logic Private Sector, Research Engineer, Consultant
History of Analytic Phil University of Texas at Austin, Lecturer, 2001-2003
California State University-Long Beach, TT, 2003
Private Sector, Senior Ontologist, 1999—
Private Sector, Senior Ontologist, 1997—
19th Century German Philosophy Stanford University, Lecturer, 1999
Lehigh University, Adjunct Professor, 2004
Lehigh University, Associate Vice Provost, 2013
Nietzsche University of Houston, Main Campus, Assistant Professor, 
Metaphysics State University of New York, Buffalo State College, Adjunct, 2003
State University of New York, Buffalo State College, TT, 2008
California State University-Bakersfield (unknown)
Ancient  California State University-Long Beach, TT, 2001
Clark University, TT, 2007