Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Enrolling in Philosophy Courses

Philosophy courses serve students across the University who need to meet major, minor, Core, flag, and college level requirements. Over 2,000 students enroll in philosophy courses each semester.

Enrollment policies

The Department of Philosophy utliizes waitlists for all closed courses. If a class you want is closed, without a waitlist, check to see if there are open seats in a crosslisted section. Otherwise, add yourself to the waitlist for the course. Please do not approach a professor about adding a closed class; just get on the waitlist. We do not add students to closed classes.

Each semester, a number of philosophy courses will be restricted to philosophy majors. Typically, the following classes have most or all of the seats restricted to majors in the initial registration period: PHL 313, PHL 321K, PHL 323K, PHL 323M, PHL 325K, and PHL 332. Other courses (such as those carrying writing flags) may be restricted at the Academic Advisor's discretion. Depending on demand, we may release seats in restricted courses during the second week of early registration. We will release any remaining seats by the first class day.

The prerequisites for upper-division philosophy courses vary by course. PHL 321K, 323K, 323M, 325K, 332, 329K, and 329L have a prerequisite of 6 hours of philosophy completed. PHL 375M has a prerequisite of 9 hours of philosophy completed. These prerequisites are strictly enforced. For other courses, check the course schedule to review the prerequisites. Many upper-division philosophy courses have only upper-division standing as the prerequisite.

PHL 679HA, 679HB, and 379K are honors and independent study courses; you must fill out an application to enroll. Visit the Academic Advisor for more information and to obtain the application form.

When in doubt, speak to the academic advisor about adding a class.