Department of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Major Degree Requirements

The requirements for the Philosophy major, starting with the 2016-18 Undergraduate Catalog, are as follows:

  1. Symbolic Logic (chosen from PHL 313, PHL 313K or PHL 313Q). PHL 313 Introduction to Symbolic Logic is recommended for most philosophy majors. (See below for more details about the logic requiement.)

  2. 3 hours of Ancient Philosophy (PHL 301K or PHL 329K) and 3 hours of Early Modern Philosophy (PHL 301L or PHL 329L) Only one of the history of philosophy courses may be taken at the lower-division level (as PHL 301K or PHL 301L). They may both be taken at the upper-division level (as PHL 329K and PHL 329L).
  3. Core Philosophy, 6 hours from the following (courses may not be repeated for credit):
    • PHL 321K Theory of Knowledge
    • PHL 323K Metaphysics
    • PHL 323M Philosophy of Mind
    • PHL 325K Ethical Theories
    • PHL 332 Philosophy of Language
    Core courses are designed to be small (about 25 student) classes that emphasize class discussion, writing and interaction with the instructor.
  4. 15 additional hours in Philosophy. 9 hours must be upper-division, if history of philosophy component was satisfied with either PHL 301K or PHL 301L; or, if history component is fulfilled by both PHL 329K and PHL 329L, then 6 hours must be upper-division. 

Students following undergraduate catalogs prior to 2016-18 only need 27 total hours of Philosophy to complete the major, reducing the requirements for #4 to 12 hours. (The requirements for upper-division hours did not change.) If you have questions about which undergraduate catalog you should follow, please contact the Academic Advisor.

All philosophy majors must complete a minor; in the 2016-18 catalog and later, students must complete a transcript-recognized minor or certificate.

2018-2020 Catalog 

Download the 2018-2020 Philosophy degree plan (PDF)

2016-2018 Catalog

Download the 2016-2018 Philosophy degree plan (PDF)

2014-2016 Catalog

Download the 2014-2016 Philosophy degree plan (PDF)

2012-2014 Catalog

Download the 2012-2014 Philosophy degree plan (PDF)

Course Sequences

The Department of Philosophy does not require its students to follow a strict sequence of courses, but we strongly recommend that students take logic (PHL 313) and the history sequence (PHL 301K or 329K and PHL 301L or 329L) during their first two years and before they begin core Philosophy coursework, as these courses will be most beneficial to students who have already completed the logic and history courses. However, we encourage students not to wait until their last semester to take the core courses, as these courses fill quickly and students may have trouble getting into them, which could delay graduation.

The history courses do not need to be taken in chronological order (i.e., ancient before early modern), although it is recommended.

Download a sample four-year plan (PDF)