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An expanded resume is required to complete an application to Plan II Honors.  The resume may be submitted electronically through the Texas Admissions web portal (preferred method) As long as it is legible, the format, font and paper will have no relevance to the evaluation.  Don't worry if the electronic submission process alters your careful formatting.  The information is paramount. 

How long should my resume be?

Your resume should be as long as it takes to clearly describe your activities outside of the high school classroom. A two or three page resume is fine if that's what's necessary to clearly describe your activities.  This is NOT a place to be overly concise. 

It's very important to emphasize here that your expanded resume should be VERY thorough and detailed, making the activity, your duties, responsibilities and the time you spent at the activity crystal clear.  The expanded resume absolutely need NOT be limited to one page.

What should my resume include?

The actvities on your resume include school activities such as orchestra, band, student government, student newspaper, year book, debate and school clubs (from robotics to French).

In addition, we want to know about any hobbies that claim your time, from cycling to photography and from piano to clogging.  Include your activity in private, community or civic clubs, religious organizations, volunteer and charity groups, Scouting, internships, political action groups and any other activities in which you're engaged.

What level of detail is appropriate?

  • Your resume should describe the activity if it isn't crystal clear from the name alone.  Example: Everyone knows the Girl Scouts, but the purpose of a group called the “Young Enthusiasts' Organization” isn't self-evident.  A brief description of a club's or an activity's purpose and goals would be a wise inclusion.
  • Your resume should clearly define your role in the activity or organization AND the number of hours you dedicated to the activity (by the week and also total by semester or year.  If you held a leadership role, you should specify whether or not it was an elected position and your duties.  Don't assume that noting “president” or even “treasurer” completely clarfies the expecations of the group or what you actually did in the role.  

Detail is important and will only help you.  We are seeking information to give you credit for your busy, busy schedule.  We are not looking for ways to penalize you.  There are only two ways you can hurt your application with the resume:  dishonesty and over-generalizing.

What's the difference between a record of activities and an expanded resume? 

An activity note:
Captain of the XYZ soccer team 5hrs/wk 11, 12

An EXPANDED statement:
Captain of the XYZ soccer team 5 hrs/wk 11, 12
-Elected (or Assigned) position
-Arrive early and work with coach to get practices started
-Mentor new team members
-Assist with equipment
-Lead warm up drills