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Contact a Current Student

Below are the names of some Plan II student recruiters who are available to answer any questions you may have about life in Plan II, and other “insider information” you seek. These current students will be happy to share their personal impressions of Plan II, their decision process when they chose Plan II over other schools, their classroom and dorm experiences, their “extra-curricular” experiences, etc.

For instructions on how to apply to Plan II, please browse through our Admission pages, which direct you to official application information.

Feel free to ask them questions you may have about the Program, your decision to attend Plan II Honors, if they combine Plan II with another major or degree, or any other concerns you might anticipate as a applicant.  Each student's double-major and/or dual-degree information (including pre-med and pre-law) is noted.  If you do not see another major you are interested in pairing Plan II Honors with, please contact Plan II Admissions.  We will try to put you in contact with a current student.

Please note:  These volunteers are available to share their personal experiences as Plan II Honors majors at the University of Texas at Austin.  They cannot assist future students in the application process or with any kind of registration advising.  We want to be very sure every Plan II student gets solid information from our trained, professional admissions and advising staff.

  • Double-Majors in Liberal Arts

    Austin Montgomery, Plan II and International Relations
    Hey y’all! I’m Austin Montgomery, and I’m a Plan II/International Relations sophomore. I’m also involved in University Democrats, the Senate of College Councils, and the Black Honors Student Association.

    Diana Arriaga, Plan II and a Certificate on Pre-Health Professions for Non-Science  Hi! I'm a junior Plan II major on a pre-PA (physician assistant) track from Mexico. On campus, I am part of Texas Phanos, where I give presentations on the College of Liberal Arts to prospective students and families, and HCMP (Health Careers Mentorship Program), which allows me to shadow different physicians and explore pre-health paths. Communication is one of my many interests, and as such I'm also involved with the University Writing Center as a consultant and The Daily Texan as a  newsletter writer. I love the different opportunities Plan II has provided me with, like an internship with the Lozano Long Institute for Latin American Studies. When I'm not studying, I bake, swim, play volleyball, and garden (aka tend to my baby plants in my apartment). Feel free to reach out with any questions about what it's like to be an international student, discuss pre-PA things, communication, sustainability, or anything like that!

    Emilia Alton Martelet, Plan II and Anthropology with a Certificate on Pre-Health Professions for Non-Science I am a sophomore, pre-medical international student from Mexico working towards double majoring in Plan II and Anthropology. I am currently the co-chair of the Diversity Committee at the Plan II Student Association, a committee I have been involved in since freshman year. I am passionate about helping others and creating an inclusive environment everywhere I go. Some of my interests include exercising, reading, writing bad short stories, and exploring Austin. Feel free to reach out if any of my interests resonate with you (if they don't feel, free to reach out either way!)

    Zia Schwartz Kinzy Plan II, Economics with minors in English and Philosophy  I am a second-year student, and I hope to pursue a dual JD/Ph.D. in economics and work in policy after I graduate. My more specific interest is the intersection of education and economics, and I am very involved with education policy on campus. I started Texas Education Policy Club which allows students to intern with AISD's board of trustees, in addition to being a School Board Trustee Fellow for Dr. Kevin Foster. I'm completing a research paper on race in the transition between undergraduate and postgraduate education in the U.S. and the U.K through one of the PAGL programs. In my spare time, I'm a senior fellow on Global Macro team, and I play and coach roller derby! 

    Emily Zoorob, Plan II and Psychology I'm a junior Plan II and Psychology (BS) major on a premedical track, also finishing up the Business Spanish and Spanish for Health Professions certificates. I am part of the Legislation and Advocacy branch of the Student Government Mental Health Agency, and participate in research with Baylor College of Medicine. For funzies, I'm part of the Ransom Notes A Capella group <3 (come to our shows!) and I volunteer with SCORE athletics, leading sports programs for elementary schoolers. In my free time, I love going to Barton Springs, sleeping, playing with cats, and baking brownies. Reach out if you have any questions about P2, premed, a capella, getting involved with orgs, or if you just want to be friends!

    Arianne Ohman, Plan II and International Relations with certificates in Human Rights & Social Justice and Core Texts & Ideas  I'm a pre-law student double-majoring in Plan II and International Relations with certificates in Human Rights & Social Justice and Core Texts & Ideas as part of UT’s Jefferson Scholars Program! On campus I stay busy as a researcher for the Clark Center and an intern at the Strauss Institute for Civic Life. Before moving to Texas I lived abroad in Asia for 14 years and am concentrating in East Asian Studies with a minor in Chinese. After graduation, I hope to attend law school and specialize in international human rights law. Outside of class, I love to read and listen to audiobooks, explore the hiking trails around Austin, and have recently started to learn loom weaving!

    Thierry Chu, Plan II and English ( Hey y’all!! I am a freshman Plan II and English major on a premedical track deciding on either a Spanish minor, Spanish certificate, or Spanish BDP program. I am in the P2 pre-med society and working my way through getting involved in a spirit org, campus ministry, campus magazine publication, and study abroad experience. I haven’t been here long, but I look forward to getting very involved in the Austin community through volunteering and internships. In my free time, I love to read, hang out with friends, listen to music, work out, and go on adventures. I am super willing to answer any questions about P2, pre-med, what it’s like as a freshman, or anything else! I love making friends and know exactly what you guys are experiencing (because it was literally just months ago), so please reach out!

    Ilisa Norman, Plan II and BA Psychology
    Here on campus I enjoy being a part of change in the community by working to get students registered to vote around election times as well as being a part of the Plan II KIPP Austin partnership to foster a greater education for future generations. I love exploring Austin and have created a mental map of the city thanks to all the dogs I’ve housesat for and the hiking areas I’ve visited.

    Jenelle Medina, Plan II and Psychology BA with a minor in Sociology  I am a first-generation college student from Brownsville, Texas. Potential Plan II Valley students please don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions regarding life at UT, imposter syndrome, or anything you may have in mind. If you’re a first-generation student as well, then you know that seeking guidance from your family members isn’t of much help when it comes to questions about college. I can be that person for you! I am currently a part of TSPA (Texas Student Psychological Association) and just recently joined Dollar for Texas, which is an organization that raises money to eliminate medical debt. If you have any questions about student organizations, jobs on campus, apartment hunting, etc., feel free to email me.

  • Double-Majors in Communication

    Greg Phea, Plan II and Corporate Communications
    My interests inside the classroom are ethical studies in classical antiquity, ethical judgments in racial matters, and criminal justice reform. My interests outside the classroom are Communication Council, Student Government, Black Honors Student Association, and civic activities near and around campus.

  • Double-Majors in Natural Sciences

    Mihir Gupta, Plan II/Computational Biology/Chemistry (Pre-Med) I am a junior here at the University of Texas! On campus, I’m involved with research in my FRI Stream (Microbe Hackers) as well as UT Austin’s iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) Team and the Russell Lab. I’m really interested in Data Science and using statistics and computational sciences to explain real-world phenomena. I’m also interested in synthetic biology and genetic engineering. Currently, I’m Vice President of TriBeta Biological Honors Society here on campus. Off campus, I love to play volleyball and soccer. I volunteer my time with Dell-Seton and I’m looking forward to being able to explore more of Austin as COVID-19 eases up (hopefully!). Feel free to reach out to me via email!

    Avery Wong, Plan II and Neuroscience ( Hi everyone!! I am a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin and a proud Plan II-er and Neuro nerd. I chose these two majors because I am completely undecided on what I want to do career-wise since my interests are varied, so I'm excited to get a well-rounded education through UT's liberal arts and natural sciences classes. On campus, I am involved in my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, and the Austin Stone College ministry! As a native Austinite, I love to run around Lady Bird Lake, eat my way through Austin's restaurant scene, and attend as many concerts as my bank account will allow me. As a freshman, I was standing in y'all's shoes not too long ago, so please reach out to me if you have any questions about Plan II (I know it can be confusing to sum up in a couple words) or just want to talk about all things UT!! I'm your girl, and I'd love to meet you!

  • Double-Majors in Engineering

    Om Joshi, Plan II / Electrical Engineering / I'm a third-year from San Antonio, majoring in Plan II, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics. I also work in a research group that is building devices for quantum computing applications. One of the greatest things about Plan II is that I can get a high-quality humanities foundation and a thorough technical education without having to compromise on either. Another benefit is that I get to take classes with people whose interests are often completely different from mine. In my free time, I enjoy listening to the soundtracks of my favorite movies (and simultaneously watching the movies in my head), playing pick-up basketball, biking, and playing the violin in the UT University Orchestra. 

  • Double-Majors in Business

    Annabelle Furrh, Plan II and Business
    I am interested in art and travel and enjoy baking and exercising in my free time. My favorite thing about Plan II is being a part of the Plan II Community and getting to meet and be friends with so many interesting and different people. I am also a FIG (First-Year Interest Group) Mentor and would be happy to answer any questions about that program as well.