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Student Profile: Mihir

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Mihir Gupta
Plan II & Biochemistry
Class of 2025


Hey y'all! My name is Mihir Gupta, and I'm a rising junior at the University of Texas at Austin. I am majoring in Plan II Honors and Biochemistry Honors, with minors in Computer Science, Data Science, Healthcare Management, Business, Government, and English. I'm originally from Plano, TX, a suburb of Dallas. At UT, I work as an undergraduate researcher in the Russell Lab and as the College Volunteer Leadership Program Chair for Dell Seton Medical Center. 


Plan II has offered me so much flexibility, room for academic exploration, and support that I would not have been afforded had I not been in Plan II. I’ve taken so many random, interesting classes through Plan II: I took a course about intelligence and national security taught by a *retired* CIA Agent, I’ve taken MBA-level courses in corporate governance, and courses in the graduate school of biochemistry to name a few.


Beyond that, Plan II has really supported my experimental learning from research to study abroad. I’m able to balance being a scientist (yes, I can finally say I’m a scientist), supporting me through undergraduate research in bimolecular kinetics and bio-radioactive compounds, to supporting my study abroad experiences (I’ve done four so far and hope to keep going) from London to Lyon, to Washington DC, to Sydney Australia. 


My experiences in Plan II have been incredible, and I could go on and on about different things that have really cemented that this is the right place for me. My favorite class of all time was a Plan II class entitled Using Behavioral Science to Change the World. In this class, we actually go to the part where our professor answered the “When am I going to use this in real life?” The last five weeks of this course, we used what we learned (which was pretty much a course on reverse psychology) to cause behavioral changes that would help to address a specific problem. 


Plan II affords its students a unique set of skills that I would never get from anywhere else, and I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.