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Student Profile: Thierry

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Thierry Chu
Plan II, English & Minors in Risk Management & Spanish
Class of 2026


Hey y’all! My name is Thierry Chu, and I’m a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin. I am majoring in Plan II Honors and English with minors in Spanish and Risk Management. I’m from Houston, TX, and I am an advocate for Houston actually being a fun place to live. At UT, I work as a Plan II Admissions Assistant – maybe I’ll see you at an info session! – and as part of the External Relations Team for the President’s Office. I joined the Plan II Admissions Team three months into my freshman year which is just a testament to how much I love the program.


If you ever meet me in person or ever hear me speak at an info session, you can physically see how excited I get talking about this program that I love so much. UT became my first choice once I was accepted into Plan II, and now that I’m here, I cannot imagine being anywhere else. This program allows you to have a small liberal arts experience within the bigger public school; you’ll always see a friendly face on campus while being at a university with extensive resources, endless perspectives, and anonymity when you want it. The actual curriculum of the program is incredibly unique and interdisciplinary since you’re exposed to all these different majors and coming at practical, real topics in the world from a variety of perspectives. I can already see how what I’m learning in Plan II Math is going to benefit my future business experience.


Not only are the classes and professors amazing, but there’s a real community here that you won’t find anywhere else. I met my best friends in my freshmen signature course, and we still meet every week now – this time, we meet for dinner and a TV show and not class. I’m connected throughout Plan II with my grade, the upperclassmen, and the underclassmen because of the social events and community events that Plan II puts on, and I feel like I have a home here at UT. The Plan II students are always down for an adventure, coffee shop run, or philosophical discussion.


As for extracurriculars, I’m involved in Plan II Student Association as Co-Social-Chair and Texas Consulting. Outside of school, I love anything nature-related, coffee shops, going to church, reading, creative writing, Taylor Swift, and laughing with my friends.