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Scientific & Technical Core

In 2016, the Computing Core of the PRC expanded to become the Scientific & Technical Core (STC). The STC comprises two units: Data Science and Research Services and Computing and Data Security. The STC supports the PRC’s scientific mission by providing state-of-the-art research services and sophisticated technical and computing support. The scientific, technical, and computing services provided by the two core units form a cohesive whole to provide critical footing for PRC faculty to conduct and disseminate groundbreaking research in population dynamics.

R. Kelly Raley, PhD, Core Director

The STC is directed by Dr. R. Kelly Raley. Raley has deep experience working with population data and has lead numerous federally-funded projects drawing on and improving data resources. She is executive director of the UT Austin Federal Statistical Research Data Center and has also served on various related advisory committees such as the Population Association of America’s Committee on Population Statistics and the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Technical Review Committee for the National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth. Raley’s leadership, experience, and knowledge position her to successfully direct the STC, continuing to develop its capacity to provide data analytic and statistical services.

Data Science and Research Services (DSRS) Unit Computing and Data Security (CDS) Unit

The Data Science and Research Services (DSRS) Unit Aims to:

  • Provide statistical and methodological support for faculty to develop high-impact research projects.
  • Provide access to the newest developments in statistics, methodology, and data science to support innovative population research.
  • Provide expertise and support for dissemination of scientific findings to diverse external audiences.

DSRS Services and Activities Include:

The Computing and Data Security Unit Aims to:

  • Provide robust, flexible, and customized computing infrastructure solutions designed to reduce barriers to productivity.
  • Provide state-of-the-art data security to maintain a secure computing environment for storage of, access to, linking across, and analysis of sensitive data.

CDS Services and Activities Include:

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Governance and STC Advisory Committee

The STC Director and unit leaders work collaboratively in consultation with the PRC Director and with input from the PRC Governance Committee to make decisions about STC services, resources, evaluation, and assessment. The advisory committee meets quarterly to formulate policy, identify developing population research trends, assess and revise computing and security needs, recommend new software, and generally set the scientific agenda for the STC.

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