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Lilla Pivnick

M.A., Sociology, University of Texas at Austin

PRC Graduate Student Trainee
Lilla Pivnick



Gender and Health, Demography, Children and Youth, Education, Work and Occupations


Lilla Pivnick is a fifth year graduate student in sociology at the University of Texas at Austin and a trainee at the Population Research Center. Her research interests include gender and health, work and occupations, demography, education, and children and youth.

A former teacher, Lilla is most interested in professional care work (e.g., teaching, nursing, social work) and schools as contexts through which health and child/adolescent development play out. Her current research projects address how occupation-level characteristics translate into both self-reported and physiological health for professional care workers and other segments of the labor force. 

Her second area of research focuses on the social contexts and consequences of physical appearance in childhood and adolescence. Her work touches on the ways in which high school peer crowds--clusters of youth thought to share similar values, characteristics, and activities--have changed over time and how adolescents use peer crowd prototypes and their associated stereotypes to make sense of their social worlds.

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