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PRC Faculty Books

Books published by PRC Faculty Scholars from 2016 to present.

Jacqueline Angel

Angel, Jacqueline L. and Mariana Lopez-Ortega. (Eds.) (Under Contract, 2020). Understanding the Context of Cognitive Aging: Mexico and the United States (5th Edition). Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature.

Javier Auyero

Javier Auyero and Katherine Sobering. 2019. The Ambivalent State. Police-Trafficker Collusion at the Urban Margins. Oxford University Press

Sarah Brayne

Brayne, S. 2020. Predict and Surveil: Data, Discretion, and the Future of Policing. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 

Diane Coffey

Coffey, Diane and Dean Spears. 2017. Where India Goes: Abandoned Toilets, Stunted Development, and the Costs of Caste. Harper Collins.

Robert Crosnoe

Crosnoe, Robert. 2020. The Starting Line: Latinx Children, Texas Schools, and National Debates on Early Education. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.


Crosnoe, Robert. 2018. Families Now: Demography, Diversity, and Development. New York: Worth

Crosnoe, Robert and Tama Leventhal. 2016. Debating Early Child Care: The Relationship between Developmental Science and the Media. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Elizabeth Gershoff

Gershoff, E. T., & Lee, S. J. (Eds.). (2019). Ending the Physical Punishment of Children: A Guide for Clinicians and Practitioners. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Press. ISBN: 978-1-4338-3114-0

Siegler, R. S., Saffran, J., Gershoff, E. T, & Eisenberg, N. (2020). How Children Develop (6th Edition). New York: Macmillan Education. ISBN-10: 1319184561; ISBN-13: 978-1319184568. (768 pages)

Siegler, R. S., Saffran, J., Graham, S., Gershoff, E. T., & Eisenberg, N. (2020). How Children Develop, Canadian Edition (6th Edition). New York: Macmillan Education. ISBN-10: 1319173020; ISBN-13: 978-1319173029. (768 pages)

Kathryn Paige Harden

Harden, K. (2021). The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA Matters for Social Equality. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Junfeng Jiao

Jiao, J. (2021). Shared Mobility. Elsevier Science. 

Ken-Hou Lin

Curington, C. V., Lin, K.-H., & Lundquist, J. (2021). Dating divide: Race and desire in the era of online romance. University of California Press.

Lin, K.-H., & Neely, M. T. (2020). Divested: Inequality in the age of Finance. Oxford University Press.

Pamela Paxton

Paxton, Pamela, Melanie Hughes, and Tiffany Barnes. 2020. Women, Politics, and Power: A Global Perspective. 4th edition. Rowman and Littlefield.

Stephen Russell

Russell, S. T., Horn, S. S. (Eds.). (2017). Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Schooling: The Nexus of Research, Practice, and Policy. New York, NY: Oxford. 

Dean Spears

Spears, D. (2019). Air: Pollution, climate change and India's choice between policy and pretence. HarperCollins India.

Coffey, Diane and Dean Spears. 2017. Where India Goes: Abandoned Toilets, Stunted Development, and the Costs of Caste. Harper Collins.

Kevin Thomas

Thomas, K.J.A. 2019. Global Epidemics, Local Implications: African Immigrants and the Ebola Crisis in Dallas. Baltimore; Johns Hopkins University Press.

Thomas, K.J.A. 2017. Contract Workers, Risk, and the War in Iraq: Sierra Leonean Labor Migrants at US Military Bases. Montreal; McGill-Queens University Press.

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