Abigail Aiken Op-Ed: "Ireland’s Abortion Referendum Raises the Bar for U.S. Abortion Politics"

Mon, June 11, 2018
Abigail Aiken Op-Ed:
Houston Chronicle publishes AIken op-ed.

The Houston Chronicle features an op-ed by Abigail Aiken, "Ireland’s Abortion Referendum Raises the Bar for U.S. Abortion Politics." In the op-ed, Aiken discusses the recent Irish vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment of its Constitution, thereby ending one of the world's most restrictive abortion laws. She says that Irish lawmakers listened to the opinions and stories of Irish women and allowed those stories to impact their decisions. Aiken writes, "These stories served to de-politicize the issue, giving legislators the cover they needed to hold themselves to higher standard of evidence-based policymaking. It was a lesson about what it takes for reason to triumph over posturing — a lesson we’d do well to learn in America."

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