Chandra Muller and Sandra Black Receive NSF Award

Wed, September 25, 2013

Along with Rob Warren at the University of Minnesota and PRC researchers, Chandra Muller, Sandra Black and Robert Hummer, the project Collaborative Research: STEM Education Effects on a Diverse Workforce’s Development over the Life Cycle, from the National Science Foundation, will investigate how STEM skills and training that individuals acquire during high school and college contribute to their workforce success and the types of occupations they enjoy in midlife.

Using data from the High School & Beyond (HS&B) database, a nationally representative study of high school sophomores in 1980, findings from this study will directly contribute to the core knowledge how to design more effective schools and programs to produce workers who will lead and innovate in a complex global economy.  Our nation requires that all workers now have STEM skills and a public with scientific literacy. This project will help to identify the educational priorities to develop these skills and how U.S. schools—both high schools and institutions of higher education—can best equip students with these skills.

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