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  • An Official Occasion Expense Form is required for all events and business meals (excluding meals purchased while on official travel). 
  • Entertainment expenses are limited to $100/person (including tax and gratuity).  Alcohol cannot be more than 50% of the event cost (before tax), and gratuity cannot exceed 20% of the pre-tax amount.  
    • If you spend more than the $100 per person limit, the 50% alcohol cap, or the 20% tax limit, the Accounting Office will not reimburse the overage.  
  • If you are planning to use a Procard to make any purchases for your event, the Official Occasion Expense Form must be submitted at least two business days before the event.
    • The Procard cannot be used in restaurants, but with pre-approval can be used to purchase food or event supplies in grocery stores.  The user will need to present a Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF) at the time of purchase.
    • As with all other Procard purchases, users are responsible for submitting a Procard Charge Form and original receipt, and for ensuring that sales tax is not charged on the purchase.  
  • To request reimbursement for a meal or entertainment expense, submit an Official Occasion Expense Form and upload itemized receipt(s) showing proof of payment for the expense(s).
  • Prior approval is required to serve alcohol on campus, and a TABC certified bartending service may be required to serve alcohol at on campus events.
  • Contact Gina Pollard for assistance with catering, room reservation requests, or permission to serve alcohol on campus.