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Hiring & Supervising

Requesting a New Hire or a Change to an Existing Position

  • To hire an employee or request a 0% affiliate appointment, please submit an HR Request Form
  • To hire an employee in a benefits eligible position, the job must be posted online and go through the formal recruitment process. You’ll be prompted to provide the details required for the job posting when you select the “hire a benefits eligible employee” option on the HR Request Form.
  • To request a change to a current employee’s position, including changes to pay rate, supervisor, funding account, employment dates, hours, or title, please use the same HR Request Form
  • Please note that affilates in unpaid 0% assignments (e.g., lab volunteers or visiting students/scholars) must complete a background check, onboarding tasks in Workday, and compliance training. Please confirm that candidates for these roles are willing to complete the necessary paperwork before requesting their assignment.  In addition, PhD trained affiliates who will be involved with on-campus research may be required to go through additional screening by the Office of the Vice President for Research. If this additional screening is necessary, that process will be triggered by your responses on the HR Request Form.

Approving Time Sheets

  • As a supervisor, you are responsible for approving time sheets for all of your employees (except students in TA, AI, and GRA titles).  View the instructions for approving time sheets
  • Hourly employees will not get paid until their time sheets are final approved. If time sheets are not approved by the bi-weekly deadlines (usually two business days after the 1stand 16th of the month) the employee will not be paid until the following pay period ends.
  • Workday does not provide email notifications when time sheets are in your inbox for approval.  Please let your employees know how you would like to be notified when they submit time sheets for your approval.