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Application Instructions

In order to access the application, you must log in with a personal gmail account. If you are logged with your school gmail account, the application may not display properly.

Please access the application here

The application for Summer 2024 will open on Jan. 20th, 2024.

Application Components

  • Contact information / Background / Demographics
  • Current Resume / CV
  • List of research topics of interest (you can find topics here)
  • Personal statements on background, motivations, and goals
  • A letter of recommendation from a reference who can speak to your academic and research capabilities

Personal Statements

These are the personal and background essays that will be found on the application. Each response should about 150-250 words. The essay questions are:

  1. What are your previous experiences with the field of Psychology (coursework, research labs, volunteering, etc.)?
  2. What are you broadly interested in researching and studying within the field of psychology? What makes you motivated to study this?
  3. How did you hear about the S.U.R.E. program and what motivated you to apply? Describe your reasons for wishing to participate in this program. What are your future goals and aspirations? How might the S.U.R.E. program help you achieve these goals?
  4. Imagine yourself in ten years if you decided to continue pursuing research in Psychology. If you had unlimited funds and could do any kind of research in psychology that you wanted: What do you think your job would look like? Where might you be working/where would you consider working? What research questions or research topics do you think you might be working on (either in general or specific ideas)?
  5. Research is often enriched by the perspectives the researcher can bring from their individual backgrounds. Given your own history and background, how might you approach your research questions? How will you bring it into your research experience?

Letter of Recommendation

Applicants should provide one letter of recommendation for full consideration into the S.U.R.E. program. If you would like, you may submit two letters of recommendation. Letter writers should be someone who is willing and able to speak to your academic and research potential (professors, instructors, mentors, or advisors are preferred options).

Letter writers can directly submit reference letters here. Please have your reference writers include your name exactly as it appears in your application. 

* Letters are due by March 31, 2024

Selection Process

Participant selection will be made by the Department of Psychology in consultation with prospective graduate students and faculty advisors to ensure optimal matching of participant interests to ongoing research projects.

We hope to inform applicants of decisions by late April 2024. All applicants should hear back regardless of being accepted or not.

Any questions about the application should be directed to or the S.U.R.E. program in general to