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COLA Fellow Spotlight: Cindy Lancaster

Wed, Dec 18, 2013

Name: Cindy Lancaster

Current: Clinical Psychology, supervised by Michael Telch

Previous: Bachelor’s in Psychology and Religious Studies, minor in Music at Trinity University

Research Topic: Enhancing Psychotherapy for Anxiety Disorders—I’m primarily interested in behavioral strategies for boosting the effectiveness of exposure therapy, one of the most potent techniques for reducing anxiety.

How did you choose your field of study? When I was an undergraduate, I was taking a few psychology classes and loving them. A professor encouraged me to pursue the psychology major, and that encouragement gave me the courage I needed to declare the major and pursue it as a career. I later took some amazing classes in the area of clinical psychology, which led me to select that area of focus.

Mentors: Dr. Carolyn Becker, my mentor during undergraduate studies, guided me towards the experiences I needed to develop into a competitive graduate school candidate, like getting involved in research, presenting posters at professional conferences, and taking a diverse range of classes within psychology. My mentor in the clinical psychology doctoral program, Dr. Michael Telch, has provided close guidance to help me develop professionally in several key areas, such as research methodology, writing scientific publications and grant proposals, and developing case conceptualization in my clinical work.

Why UT? I selected UT because it has a top-notch clinical psychology program with a strong focus on research and a friendly environment. The atmosphere is one of collaboration rather than competition, and the students and professors are energizing and exciting to work with. 

Hobbies? Does drinking great coffee qualify as a hobby? I love exploring all the independent coffee shops in Austin. Houndstooth is my current favorite.

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