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RHE 306 FAQs

General Questions

  • RHE 306 is an introductory course in writing and argumentation. Credit for this course is required by all UT students. You can receive credit in RHE 306 in one of the following ways: taking the course, placing out of the course by exam, or transferring credit from another university or college.

  • How do I register for RHE 306?

    Students are encouraged to register for RHE 306 during their first-year at UT Austin. Therefore, the Department of Rhetoric and Writing prioritizes registration for first-year students. During the fall, the majority of seats are reserved during the summer freshman orientation sessions, and a select number of seats are reserved for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. During the spring, the majority of seats are reserved for freshman, with a select number of seats reserved for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Both semesters, any unused seats are released during the third period of registration. In the summer, registration is open, although space is usually limited.

  • Can I take RHE 306 and E 316K in the same semester?

    RHE 306 remains a prerequisite for E 316 so you are not able to take both courses in the same semester.

  • Should I buy my textbooks before the semester begins?

    No. Wait until after the first class meeting. You will receive a policy statement listing the exact books you will need to purchase. Textbook choices vary from section to section, particularly in the fall and spring terms.

  • Is it true that the penalty for plagiarizing even a draft of a paper in RHE 306 can be failure in the course?