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Transcript Recognized Minor

The Department of Rhetoric and Writing offers a transcript-recognized undergraduate academic minor (TRM) to be completed in conjunction with an undergraduate degree at UT Austin. The requirements listed below are for students following the 2016-2018 and future undergraduate catalogs. Students following earlier catalogs should consult with their academic advisor on requirements for completing a minor in Rhetoric and Writing.

To be eligible for the transcript-recognized minor, students must complete a minimum of 15 hours of coursework, but not more than 18 hours, and none of the specified coursework for the minor can include unnumbered topics. At least 50% of the coursework required for the minor must be completed in residence at UT Austin.


  • RHE 321 - Principles of Rhetoric (3 hrs.)
  • One RHE 330 (C, D, or E) (3 hrs.)
  • One upper-division course:
    • RHE 330 (C, D, or E); 325M; 328; 360M; or 368E (3 hrs.)
  • Two additional courses, either upper-division (see list above) or lower-division (RHE 309J, 309K, 309S, 310, 312, 315, or 317)(6 hrs.)

Questions can be directed to the Rhetoric & Writing advising office at (512)-471-5736.