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Department of Religious Studies

Why Study Religion?

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Welcome to the Department of Religious Studies

Our mission is to promote the academic study of religion at the University of Texas and beyond, both by fostering new generations of religious studies scholars and by educating others about the purpose and importance of religious studies in the contemporary world. We encourage scholarly inquiry into the nature of religion as a system of human thought and practice, into the ways in which religion influences human identity and culture, and into the social and historical development within and across religious traditions.

We endeavor to educate our students, university, and the communities it serves about the diversity of religious traditions and the influence that these traditions have on our political, social, and creative lives. Moreover, we seek to promote informed public dialogue about religion and its cultural, historical, and political impact.

The department currently offers an undergraduate major that culminates in a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a robust graduate program leading to a Ph.D. For graduate students in other departments at the University of Texas, we also offer a graduate portfolio in the Study of Religion.