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Caroline Crews

Graduate student

Interests: Early Christianity | Apocryphal Texts | Philology | "Orthodoxy" and "Heresy" | Identity Theory | Papyrology | Coptic Studies | Greco-Roman Religions

Ryan Fitzgerald

Graduate student

Interests: New Testament | Early Christianity | Greco-Roman Culture | Animal Sacrifice | Gender, Sexuality, & Race/Ethnicity in Antiquity | Identity Theory

Photo of Jaimie Gunderson

Jaimie Gunderson

Graduate student

Education: M.A., The University of Kansas

Interests: Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean and Late Antiquity

Photo of Adeline Harrington

Adeline Harrington

Graduate student

Education: MTS, Harvard Divinity School

Interests: Early Christianity | Greco-Roman Religions | Papyrology | Apocryphal Texts | Religious Materiality | Mediterranean Archaeology | Coptic Studies | Greco-Roman Egypt | Oxyrhynchus |Textual Criticism | Orthodoxy and Heresy

James Henriques

Graduate student

Interests: Magic and divination | Roman Archaeology | Etruscan Religion | The Roman Near East | Mystery Cults and Syncretism | Comparative Mythology | Pagan Holy Men | Esotericism | Early Christianity and "Gnosticism."

Sung Soo Hong

Graduate student

Alexander Kreger

Graduate student

Education: M.M. Ethnomusicology, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Alevism, Turkey, Anthropology of Religion, Linguistic Anthropology, Secularism, Music, Expressive Culture

Nathan Leach

Graduate student

Education: PhD Religious Studies, University of Texas Austin

Interests: Second Temple Judaism, Early Christianity, Early Christian Service in the Roman Military, Apocalyptic Literature

Photo of Michel S. Lee

Michel S. Lee

Graduate student

Education: M.A., Stanford University

Interests: Religion in the United States; history of the Sabbath; history of higher education; sacred time; religion in the American West

Photo of Hannah Lents

Hannah Lents

Graduate student

Photo of Josefrayn Sanchez-Perry

Josefrayn Sanchez-Perry

Graduate student

Education: M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Religion in the Americas; Late Post-Classic & Colonial Mesoamerica; Theories of Religious Transmission; Priesthood in the Aztec World; Nahuatl & K'iche' Languages

Photo of Megan Selander

Megan Selander

Graduate student

Interests: African Diaspora Religions, Religion and Pop Culture, Religion & Gender/Sexuality/Feminism, Race, Religion and Technology, Ethnography

Daniel Smith

Graduate student

Education: MAR (Biblical Studies), Yale Divinity School

Interests: Ancient Christianity | Second Temple Judaism | Apocalyptic Literature

Hemal Trivedi

Graduate student

Education: MA in Religious Studies, Rutgers University