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Ancient Mediterranean Religions

Photo of Franz Gilbert Hetroza Biantan

Franz Gilbert Hetroza Biantan

Graduate student

Education: MA in Religion, Yale Divinity School

Interests: Early Christianity | Apocryphal Literature | Literary Theory | Judas Iscariot | Postcolonial Studies | Conspiracy and Sensationalism

Lara-Sophie Boleslawsky

Graduate student

Caroline Crews

Graduate student

Interests: Early Christianity | Apocryphal Texts | Material Philology | "Orthodoxy" and "Heresy" | Papyrology | Coptic Studies | Greco-Roman Religions

Photo of Adeline Harrington

Adeline Harrington

Graduate student

Education: MTS, Harvard Divinity School

Interests: Early Christianity | Greco-Roman Religions | Papyrology | Apocryphal Texts | Religious Materiality | Mediterranean Archaeology | Coptic Studies | Greco-Roman Egypt | Oxyrhynchus |Textual Criticism | Orthodoxy and Heresy

Photo of Hannah Lents

Hannah Lents

Graduate student

Education: M.A., Brandeis University

Interests: Early Christianity | Late Antique Religions | Landscape Archaeology | Digital Humanities | GIS

Daniel Smith

Graduate student

Education: MAR (Biblical Studies), Yale Divinity School

Interests: Ancient Christianity | Second Temple Judaism | Apocalyptic Literature

Gary Wallin

Graduate student

Education: M.A. in Religion, Yale Divinity School

Religion in the Americas

Aixin Dunn

Graduate student

Photo of Drew Konow

Drew Konow

Graduate student

Education: MA in Religion, Yale Divinity School

Interests: Religion in the Americas, religion and capitalism, popular culture, queer studies in religion, theory and method in the study of religion

Religions in History

Quan Gan 甘佺

Graduate student

Education: BBA Economics Hong Kong Baptist University, MA Medieval and Renaissance Studies University College of London

Interests: Comparison | West Francia | Song | Wuyue | ancestral rituals | royal dynasties | monasteries in imperial China and Latin Christendon

Harsha Gautam

Graduate student

Education: MA and MPhil in Ancient History, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Interests: Premodern South Asia | Early Buddhism | Comparison | Socio-Religious Interactions | Buddhist Art | Gender, Identity-formation and Power Relations | Intellectual History

Blake Pye

Graduate student

Education: MA, Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Jeff S. Wilson

Jeff S. Wilson

Graduate student

Education: MA in Religion, University of Chicago Divinity School

Interests: Sanskrit Epics | Sovereignty and Political Theology | Religion and Science Fiction

Religion in Society

Jade Evans

Graduate student

Alexander Kreger

Graduate student

Education: M.M. Ethnomusicology, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Alevism, Turkey, Anthropology of Religion, Linguistic Anthropology, Secularism, Music, Expressive Culture

Photo of L. Nelson Leonard

L. Nelson Leonard

Graduate student

Interests: Religion in Society | Race, Religion, & the State | Evangelicalism | Research Methods

Photo of Frankie Summers

Frankie Summers

Graduate student

Education: M.S., Hunter College

Interests: Religion in Society | Embodiment | Beloved Community | Sacred Space