Department of Religious Studies

Alexander Kreger

M.M. Ethnomusicology, University of Texas at Austin



Alevism, Turkey, Anthropology of Religion, Linguistic Anthropology, Secularism, Music, Expressive Culture


Alex Kreger studies Alevi religion from an anthropological perspective. He is interested in the relationship between Alevi poetry and political subjectivity from the late Ottoman period until the present. His master's thesis in ethnomusicology, completed in 2016, focuses on relationships between sound, space, and listening practices in Alevi collective worship. He conducts fieldwork in Turkey, especially Istanbul, Ankara, Urfa, and Maraş, and among the Alevi diaspora in Western Europe.

He plays the Anatolian long-necked lute saz, and is also a pianist, composer, improviser, and leader of the group Moyindau.

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