"Judaism and Mental Health: Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, and the Spiritual Life"

Two-day Conference February 18-19, 2018

Sun, February 18, 2018 | AT&T Conference Center/Glickman Conference Center, CLA-UT Campus

2018 Judaism, Science, and Medicine Group Conference

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Conference image

This year’s conference will explore the intersection of science and spirituality within the realms of psychology and psychotherapy, with an emphasis on Judaism but also a comparative look at that intermingling in Christianity and less well-defined searches for meaning and transcendence. Participants include psychologists, psychiatrists, clergy, as well as humanities and religion scholars. Topics span centuries and range from considerations of problems of mental well-being in Rabbinic texts through the contemporary “positive psychology” movement and the findings of neuroscience.

This is the 10th annual meeting of the Judaism, Science & Medicine Group, an international organization of natural and social scientists, philosophers, historians, physicians, rabbis, theologians and educators acting to promote and facilitate a close relationship between Jewish religion, cultures and values and the sciences for the mutual benefit of both. The organization seeks to increase the knowledge and appreciation of the sciences, Judaism and their interrelation and to offer a forum to reflect and deliberate on the implications of scientific advances from Jewish perspectives. Working across denominational lines, the organization will disseminate its mission in academic and non-academic venues using a variety of media. 

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Sponsored by: Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies and the Center for Jewish Studies at Arizona State University