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Israel Studies offers fellowships to support doctoral students, language study, and travel:

Israel Studies Graduate Fellowships

These competitive fellowships aim to help recruit to UT Austin excellent doctoral students working on an Israel from any disciplinary perspective. The Graduate Fellowship supplements funds from students’ home programs or departments to help support rigorous original research in Israel Studies. Prospective PhD students are nominated through their home academic units. Faculty who wish to nominate an excellent prospective PhD student should contact Dr. Karen Grumberg at keren@austin.utexas.edu.

Israel Studies Dual Language Fellowships

Deadline: Ongoing
Stipend: up to $1000
Application Requirements:
- Completed Application Form (download pdf here)
- Curriculum Vitae/Resume
- Narrative (600-800 words)

The Dual Language Fellowship promotes the study of both Hebrew and Arabic as key to understanding Israel’s place in the Middle East region. This fellowship encourages students who have studied either Hebrew or Arabic to complement this primary foreign language with at least one year (two semesters) of a second one relevant to the study of Israel. Undergraduate or graduate students must complete four semesters (or the equivalent) of either Hebrew or Arabic and demonstrate a commitment to studying at least two semesters of the other. Applicants must complete an application form and provide a 2-page narrative describing the reasons for pursuing dual-language Arabic and Hebrew study. Undergraduate and graduate students in any UT degree program are eligible to apply.

Please send your completed materials to the Schusterman Center at scjs@austin.utexas.edu

Israel Studies Travel Fellowships


* Until further notice, students working on a topic related to Israel/Israel Studies may apply to the Travel Fellowship to fund general research expenses, due to travel restrictions resulting from the pandemic. All application requirements (including the application form) remain the same, with the exception of the narrative; this should address the expenses the fellowship will be used to fund rather than travel.

Deadline: Ongoing
Stipend: Reimbursement up to $2000
Application Requirements:
- Completed Application Form (download pdf here)
- Curriculum Vitae/Resume
- One-page budget detailing estimated expenses and funds secured
- Personal Statement (600-800 words)

The Travel Fellowship helps support travel abroad for language programs in Hebrew or for research in Israel or at archives, museums, or institutes abroad or in the US that hold materials relevant to Israel Studies scholarship. Applicants must complete an application form and provide a 2-page narrative describing the purpose of travel, the long-term goal the travel supports (doctoral dissertation, article to be submitted for publication, degree requirements, etc), and, in the case of research abroad, the relevance of the project to Israel Studies. Undergraduate and graduate students in any UT degree program are eligible to apply.

Please send your completed materials to the Schusterman Center at scjs@austin.utexas.edu

Israel Studies Supplementary Graduate Fellowship (SGF)

The Supplementary Graduate Fellowship (SGF) in Israel Studies is intended for PhD students whose research might not focus on – but is nevertheless directly related or relevant to – modern Israel. The fellowship can be used to supplement a larger recruitment effort or to reward an excellent current student.

Deadline: January 24, 2022
Stipend: $5000
Application Requirements:
- One-page cover letter submitted by the nominating faculty member. This letter should 1) explain how the student's proposed research/study supports the mission of Israel Studies at UT 2) explain how the student's research would enrich the intellectual exchange in the student's home department and enhance links between the home department and other units 3) outline the student's scholarly promise and 4) detail other support offered by the student's home department.
- Student's Curriculum Vitae/Resume
- For prospective students only: Student's statement of purpose

To nominate a prospective student, please submit the application materials listed below directly to Dr. Karen Grumberg, the Israel Studies Faculty Coordinator, at:  keren@austin.utexas.edu. The Israel Studies Fellowship Committee, which consists of faculty from the Schusterman Center and from Middle Eastern Studies, will review fellowship applications.

All Israel Studies Fellows will present some aspect of their work at the end of the year in which they hold the fellowship, at an event co-sponsored by the SCJS/Israel Studies and Middle Eastern Studies.

Israel Studies also offers a stipend to support faculty research:

Israel Studies Faculty Summer Research Stipend

Faculty affiliated with the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies at UT Austin may apply for the Summer Research Stipend in Israel Studies (SRSIS) to support original research with a goal to publication in any discipline related to Israel Studies. There is no limit on the number of SRSIS’s a faculty member may receive; a previous award, however, may reduce your chances of receiving another.

Deadline: April 1, 2022
Stipend: Typically ranges from $5,000 to $10,000
Application Requirements:
- Applicants must be full-time UT faculty—tenure and tenure-track faculty, as well as non-TT faculty who conduct research—and must be affiliates of the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies.
- 4-page Curriculum Vitae highlighting research/publications
- Project proposal that is no longer than three single-spaced pages. This project proposal should include a title and outline the project rationale and significance, research questions, and a research plan specifying the methods and methodology. The proposal should also note the short-term (peer-reviewed articles, chapters) and long-term goals of the proposed project. Please note: If the project includes human subjects, IRB approval must be received before funds are released.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a 1-page brief report detailing research activities to Israel Studies | Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies within one month of completing the SRSIS. Successful applicants should acknowledge Israel Studies | Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies at UT in any publication resulting from the SRSIS support.

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