As an interdisciplinary major, Jewish Studies benefits greatly from expert advising through the College of Liberal Arts. The Undergraduate Academic Advisor for Jewish Studies is Kevin Pluta.

The Academic Advisor is responsible for giving you information regarding your degree plan, monitoring your progress, and helping you out in areas such as petitions, scholarships, study abroad and transfer of credit.  You should see the advisor at least twice a year, during registration - a short meeting can often solve what seem like difficult problems. 

You should also be in touch with the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, who works closely with the Academic Advisor.

Advising Bars

The purpose of advising bars is to make sure that students contact the undergraduate advisor before they proceed with their degree plan.

Advising bars are placed on the records of incoming freshmen and newly transferred students and on the records of students who are on scholastic probation.

Advising bars will be removed only after the student contacts the undergraduate academic advisor.


Academic Advisor:

Kevin Pluta
Location & Phone:
WAG 313  | 512-475-9185
Hours: 9:00-12:00P, 1:00-4:00P
To schedule an appointment:

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan