Holocaust and Genocide Studies

This minor will provide students with a broad scholarly background which will help them to understand the historical, political, socio-psychological and cultural contexts for genocide as a global phenomenon.  While the Holocaust was the catalyst for the creation of the Genocide Convention and to some degree the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, genocidal events and violence belong to the catalogue of human behavior across time and space.  This minor will allow students to study genocides comparatively; explore the interconnections between genocide and marginalization based on race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, physical and mental abilities, citizenship status; as well as issues related to post-atrocity justice, reconciliation, restitution, and memory across geographical and historical contexts.  This minor will be attractive for students considering careers in policy, arts and education, elementary and secondary education, the non-profit sector, mental health counseling and social work, and law.   

Minor Requirements 

The Minor (available for the 2020-2022 catalog) consists of 15 semester hours (6 hours upper division) of the following coursework:

3 hours chosen of the introductory course

  • JS 307 “Introduction to Holocaust and Genocide Studies"

12 additional hours from the following courses:

  • AFR 302M “Numbering Race”
  • AFR 360 "Race, Law, and United States Society"
  • AMS 321 "Studies in American Societies (Topic 4: America and the Holocaust)" 
  • AMS 321P "Race and Place"
  • CL 323 "Topics in Comparative Literature (Topic 19: Women and the Holocaust)"
  • CL 323 "Topics in Comparative Literature (Topic 40: Holocaust Aftereffects)"
  • GOV 360R "Civil Wars and Ethnic Violence"
  • GSD 361L "Anti-Semitism in History and Literature"
  • HIS 317L "Topics in United States History (Topic 8: Introduction to Native American Histories)"
  • HIS 322R "Biology, Behavior, and Injustice"
  • HIS 322S "The History of Genetics and Eugenics"
  • HIS 337N "Germany in the Twentieth Century"
  • HIS 350L "Undergraduate Seminar in History (Topic 56: Germany Since Hitler)"
  • HIS 350L "Undergraduate Seminar in History (Topic 73: Race, Science, and Racism)"
  • HIS 350L "Undergraduate Seminar in History (Topic 79: World War II in Eastern Europe)"
  • HIS 350L "Undergraduate Seminar in History (Topic 83: Writing Violence in History)"
  • HIS 350R "Undergraduate Seminar in United States History (Topic 23: Twentieth-Century Native American History)"
  • HIS 362D Introduction to the Holocaust
  • HIS 366N Topics in History (Topic 15: Anti-Semitism)
  • JS 304N “Jewish Civilization: 1492 to the Present”
  • MAS 374 "Special Topics (Topic 35: Race and Citizenship in United States History)"
  • L A 320J “Jewish Studies Internship" 1   


1 The internship must include content related to the minor and must be pre–approved by the Jewish Studies faculty advisor.