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Histria in the Making

Fri, August 30, 2019
Histria in the Making
Susan Crane, Elijah Fleming, Zoe Rabinowitz, Thomas Rover, Sterling Wright, and Jonida Martini

Thanks in part to the Professional Development Scholarship, Elijah Fleming, Susan Crane, and Thomas Rover participated in UT’s Histria Multiscalar Archaeology Project, a dig helmed by Dr. Adam Rabinowitz  (Department of Classics). As part of the multinational unit, the students helped excavate around a collapsed Hellenistic kiln, as well as a Roman period gravesite. 

Though on the same team, the students were still able to cultivate their own personal experiences.

For Grad Student Elijah Fleming (Classics), not only was it, “an incredible experience,” but also a successful research endeavor. Fleming plans to use the data samples she was able to collect for a case study on ancient health and survival, which she’ll include in her dissertation. 

"My goal," Susan Crane tells us, "is to develop the technical and communicative skills that will provide a solid foundation for effective collaboration, both short-term and long-term, and to strengthen potential partnerships and future avenues of research."

The collaboration on the archeological site also enabled the students to network with other Romanian scholars of similar fields, which can be an invaluable resource in itself.  

“Personally,” Thomas Rover (Classics) recounts, “I was thrilled to live alongside Romanian teams of archaeologists, of whom all were warm, friendly, and welcoming to this foreigner!” 

When they weren’t washing pottery shards and animal bones, the students were able to visit other Romanian sites in Dobrogea, like Adamclisi, which is home to Civitas Tropaensium, a fortified military camp that was colonized with veterans of the Dacian War in the second century CE, and Enisala, home to the Heraclea Fortress, which was built over a Roman-Byzantine stronghold.

CREEES’ Professional Development Scholarship is open to UT students in any major, whose scholastic interests include the Russian, East European, and Eurasian regions.


Elijah Fleming excavates a gravesite 

Susan Crane washing animal bones 


(top to bottom)

Elijah Fleming excavates a gravesite

Susan Crane washes animal bones

Exploring the Heraclea Fortress



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