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Amanda Bosky

Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin

Amanda Bosky



SOC 325K • Criminology

43979 • Spring 2022
Meets TTH 5:00PM-6:30PM RLP 0.102


This course is intended to be a broad introduction to the study of crime and the field of criminology. The course is divided into four main sections. The first part of the course focuses on basic definitions and the empirical understanding of crime, law, and crime trends. The second part details theories and research on the causes of criminal behavior, with an emphasis on sociological theories. The third part covers a range of different types of criminal behaviors. The final section explores the control and prevention of crime, providing a brief introduction to the criminal justice system. We will also cover special topics that relate to contemporary controversies. Further, this course will emphasize the importance of understanding criminal law as a foundation for the study of crime.

Required Texts and Readings

Barkan, Steven. Criminology: A Sociological Understanding, 7th edition (2017)

Grading Policy

Final grades will be calculated using the following scale:

A          93-100

A-        90-92

B+       87-89

B          83-86

B-        80-82

C+       77-79

C         73-76

C-        70-72

D+       67-69

D         63-66

D-        60-62

F          0-59

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