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Ph.D. Job Candidates

Ph.D. Job Candidates

The Department of Sociology is pleased to present its current job market candidates. The candidates' dissertation titles, supervisors, and webpages with links to their CVs can be found below. For any questions concerning the students or for further assistance in contacting prospective candidates, please contact the Department at (512) 232-6300 or the candidates directly.

Ilana Friedman, Ph.D., 2023
Dissertation: "The Rarity of Police Prosecution: Prosecutors, the Law, and Police Misconduct."
Supervisor(s): Becky Pettit, Sarah Brayne, Harel Shapira, Issa Kohler-Hausmann

Koit Hung, Ph.D., 2023
Dissertation: "Educational Expectations and Occupational Attainment in Labor Market Changes"
Supervisor(s): Chandra Muller, Ken-Hou Lin, Eric Grodsky, Jennifer Glass

Karen H. Lee, Ph.D., 2023
Dissertation: "American Racial Frames: A Relational Approach to Racial Attitudes and Change"
Supervisor(s): Becky Pettit, Rene D. Flores (University of Chicago), Yasmiyn Irizarry, Ari Adut, and Candis Watts-Smith (Duke University)

Andrew Messamore, Ph.D., 2023
Dissertation: “Poor People’s NIMBYism: How Community and Organizations Shape Tenants’ Insecurity in the United States"
Supervisor(s): Pamela Paxton

Elizabeth Nimmons, Ph.D., 2023
Dissertation: "Activism and Identity in the Somali Community"
Supervisor(s): Nestor Rodriguez, Javier Auyero, Abigail Weitzman, Saida Abdi

Katie Kaufman Rogers, Ph.D., 2023
Dissertation: “Breaking the 'Grass' Ceiling? Gender, Race, and Class in the U.S. Legal Cannabis Industry”
Supervisor(s): Christine Williams, Sharmila Rudrappa, Gloria González-López, Abena Dove Osseo-Asare