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Ph.D. Job Candidates

Ph.D. Job Candidates

The Department of Sociology is pleased to present its current job market candidates. The candidates' dissertation titles, supervisors, and webpages with links to their CVs can be found below. For any questions concerning the students or for further assistance in contacting prospective candidates, please contact the Department at (512) 232-6300 or the candidates directly.


Marta Ascherio, Ph.D., 2022
Dissertation: "The Perils of Immigrant Surveillance: Security & Social Control in the 21st Century"
Supervisor(s): Becky Pettit

Kathleen Broussard, Ph.D., 2022
Dissertation: "Health at the Margins: Reproductive Health-seeking Behaviors and Experiences in Three Settings"
Supervisor(s): Abigail Aiken and Alexander Weinreb

Caitlin Carroll, Ph.D., 2022
Dissertation: "In a Feminist State: Sexual Violence and Gender Equality in Sweden"
Supervisor(s): Christine Williams

Jamie O'Quinn, Ph.D., 2022
Dissertation: "Married as Minors in the USA: Women's Stories of Child Marriage"
Supervisor(s): Gloria González-López

Rui Jie Peng, Ph.D., 2022
Dissertation: "Navigating Marginality: Women Remaining in Place in Rural-to-Urban Migration in Southwest China."
Supervisor(s): Sharmila Rudrappa

Katie Kaufman Rogers, Ph.D., 2022
Dissertation: "Whitewashing Weed: An Intersectional Analysis of Women's Work in the U.S. Legal Cannabis Industry"
Supervisor(s): Christine Williams

Shan Siddiqui, Ph.D., 2022
Dissertation: "Beyond Acculturation: Legal Status, Racism, and Health Outcomes among South Asians in the U.S."
Supervisor(s): Néstor Rodríguez

Inbar Weiss, Ph.D., 2022
Dissertation: "Cross-Border Marriages in the US: Trends, Predictors and Implications "
Supervisor(s): Kelly Raley and Ken-Hou Lin