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18th International Conference on Maharashtra

Thu, January 24, 2019 | Glickman Conference Center, Rooms CLA 1.302A and B, UT Austin campus

18th International Conference on Maharashtra

The 18th International Conference on Maharashtra: Culture and Society will be held at the
University of Texas at Austin, January 24-28, 2019. Its theme is:
Communication and Community in historic and contemporary Maharashtra

Any community is created by communication among its members. In a major culture z one, such as the one where the Marathi language is understood, communication has taken manyforms through time. Traditionally these forms have included large pilgrimages accompanied by images and songs that traverse city and countryside, the circulation of texts in manuscript form and orally by individual itinerant puraniks and performers, and gatherings in local shrines, bazaars, forts, courts, and kacehris, where official business, daily activities, or simple curiosity have brought people together. In modern times, printing brought new forms of communication and community formation. Print, we know, underwent revolutionary changes in the colonial period, changes that intensified with the development of 'modern' education and the press. The past century added cinema, and the last few decades have also seen the meteoric rise of cybermedia.

Maharashtra has had a strong presence in all these forms of communication, and many communities related to these forms have emerged and disappeared through time.

This conference seeks to bring together scholars of all disciplines with an interest in this theme through the past and present of Maharashtra. Members of the public are most welcome as observers. There will be no registration fee.

Proceedings will integrate English and Marathi. Scholars who wish to present papers should send a title and 100-word abstract (in either language), preferably by email, to Dr. Sumit Guha, Department of History, University of Texas at Austin, Austin TX 78712 by August 1, 2018. The organizing committee will select papers depending on their fit with the conference theme and with other presentations.

Sponsored by: South Asia Institute, Department of History

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