South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute

SAI hosted pre-departure orientation for Fulbright-Hayes Seminars Abroad program

Wed, May 28, 2008

One group traveled to India and Sri Lanka to learn about the culture and heritage of both countries and how the two are emerging into the 21st century.

A second traveled to India to participate in a new program that focuses on developing strategies for teaching math and science. They learned about the education system in India and observed the process of curriculum development, its implementation in the classroom, and the training of teachers in mathematics and science.

See what the Fulbrighters were up to by reading the blogs they are posted for their family, friends, students and colleagues.

Math and Science Teaching and Student Achievement

Barbara Delaney

Shaun Guidice

Brenda Poff

Don Pruett

Brian Shay

Liz Swanson

Lisa Wu

India and Sri Lanka: Ancient Civilizations in the 21st Century

Catherine Atwell

Joan Boyle

Callie Cook

Samantha Godbey

Other links

Training Schedule for Math and Science (PDF)

Training Schedule for India and Sri Lanka (PDF)

Reading List (PDF)

Speaker Biographies (PDF)

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