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Congratulations to Denise Emerson!

Tue, February 26, 2019
Congratulations to Denise Emerson!

Undergraduate heritage Spanish student Denise Emerson was honored on February 22nd for her writing in the Fourth Annual Spanglish Creative Writing Contest.


"Growing up in California and Texas, I was always close to my Latino community and heritage. My father is from Boston and my mother is from Jalisco, Mexico, so my two distinct cultures has built a dynamic perspective on life for me. I respect and love so much about my heritage, and am proud of my multicultural identity. I am extremely grateful to my parents for the sacrifices and hard work they’ve put in to give our family a comfortable, secure life. Seeing how far my mother has come from where she started in poverty, and how no problems ever faze her was the inspiration of my poem. All my strength and drive as a student is because of her. Being a reporter for The Daily Texan has given me the opportunity to include Hispanic voices in the UT community. As a journalism and radio-television-film sophomore, I hope to share more Latino stories and the beauty of the Mexican people and culture in the future."

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