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Undergraduate Spotlight: Grace Cooper

Tue, October 29, 2019
Undergraduate Spotlight: Grace Cooper
Grace Cooper

Grace Cooper, Human Biology and Spanish, chemistry minor, May 2019, hobbies - hiking, yoga, reading.


Why did you decide to major in our department?


I chose to major in Spanish because I wanted to be fluent, but also because I just genuinely enjoyed my Spanish classes and wanted to be able to take more of them.


What was your favorite class (or classes!) and why?


I really enjoyed the Capstone because I had never taken anything like it before. I also really loved the Spanish art class that I took while I was studying abroad in Spain.


What is the most important/interesting thing you learned through your coursework in our department?


I've learned so much about so many different countries and cultures that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to study otherwise. Being able to learn about so many different places and having the opportunity to travel to different countries through my major has made me much more of a global citizen.


What have you learned about yourself through coursework in our department?


I have learned how to be more confident in myself. Learning a new language is extremely difficult and it can be really intimidating when you're speaking to someone who has better command of a language than you do, but I have learned to just say what I want the best I can and if I make mistakes that's okay.


What are some of the skills or abilities you have learned through your coursework in our department?


Communication! Obviously speaking another language helps with communication, but when you don't have the exact words you need to say something you have to get really creative with how you communicate.


In what way(s) will the knowledge and skills you have cultivated through your coursework in our department help you in your personal and professional life after graduation?


My hope is that what I have learned through this major will make me a better physician. I want to be able to help populations that are disproportionately underserved in medicine, and the knowledge and experience I have gained through this major will definitely help me do that.


Is there anything else you would like to add?


The faculty of the Spanish department has consistently been my favorite to work with. I have experience learning in several different schools within UT, and I can honestly say that the passion and kindness of the Spanish department is unmatched. The professors and advisors here have helped to make me feel welcome on the forty acres since my very first day of school, almost 4 years ago. Mil gracias por eso.

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