College of Liberal Arts

Asian Studies Senior Wins 2013-2014 Rapoport-King Thesis Scholarship

Thu, Feb 27, 2014

he Department of Asian Studies congratulates Asian Studies majorRobert Van Patten on receiving the 2013-2014 Rapoport-King Thesis Scholarship, which is awarded annually to selected Honors candidates. Robert’s thesis advisors are Dr. David Sena and Dr. Chiu-Mi Lai.

The Rapoport-King Thesis Scholarships honor Audre and Bernard Rapoport and Robert D. King, former Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. Audre and Bernard Rapoport of Waco, Texas have provided an endowment that enables the College of Liberal Arts to provide scholarship and research support for those students who are writing a thesis in one of the Departmental Honors programs the year they apply.

Fellows are chosen on basis of academic record, the quality of the thesis proposal, and financial need. According to Dr. Rapoport the candidates should be both “smart and deserving.” Those chosen are awarded a $2,000 scholarship, and their thesis supervisors are provided with a $1,000 research stipend.

In his thesis, “Shangdi Among Other Powers,” Robert explores the influence that Heaven, or Shangdi, played in shaping Chinese thought and religion. His research will demonstrate how the Shang and early Zhou Dynasty viewed heaven and what kind of relationship and standing Heaven held among other higher powers in the Chinese religious pantheon at that time

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